Kerloo Cellars 2008 tempranillo

Would you like a quick suggestion for a good read on wine tonight that will make you think I was the ghostwriter? (I wasn’t, since I can’t afford any money to do a lab test on wine (of all things).) It appears Kori over at WinePeeps has a spine after all. Don’t think I’m being sarcastic as most of the wine blogs out there are authored by boneless individuals who chime the same wine-pop-culture led by some overweight, broke-ass, and really bad hair-dye job elderly wine writers. Typically, the local wine blogs all sound like one big incest-fest, with other wine bloggers fondling each other and the truly premature ejackers sounding off like they think they know all about wine and no one else does. ‘Tis the current state of wine blogging in Washington, which, I think, contributes to the still-quiescent recognition of Washington wines (poor leadership).

Look at the facts. (1) Speed tasting. Wtf? Just what does anyone significantly cull out of  such a triploidy evaluation of wine? Do the big rags do “speed tasting”? What an embarrassment to the wine world. (2) Wooing the newly-minted “legals” by hosting a “20 something” wine event. This age group has no cash-flow, no job, no morals, no loyalty, no nothing. They rely on the internet to meet people since it is so easy to “reinvent” themselves; thus hiding their pedophile or hyper-psychotic histories. All they care about is being on some “A-List” that they couldn’t procure back in high school. Capitol Hill is full of these overgrown kids…just lookup the next dodge-ball game. Ooo, you’re such a stud! I’m sooooo NOT impressed. (3) Virtual tastings. Those who signup for this are sick-phhhhhhhreaks. What? Got no friends you can sit down with and share the bottle? Or, are your virtual buddies not worth driving to their home to have an honest tasting? Too far away? What a fockin’ lame excuse. Oh, I get it…the guys like to taste wine while in women’s underwear getting spanked by a machine. Lovely.

I don’t speak for Kori, but I admire her method of revelation on how loyal her readers are. Apparently, she (like everyone else) doesn’t have many. What was most disappointing was that she doesn’t have any vehemently loyal readers defending her, especially the obviously absent ones (Patrick). That’s a disappointment…not so much to her as to some of those jackasses who chose not to respect her opinion. And, that may be the moral of all this…some tweeters and bloggers may appear to have power in “numbers”, but the “numbers” are of sunshine-homophobes who run with the pack. It takes a very special individual to stand above the lemmings who blindly follow the amateur musician and be able to absorb the hollow shit they fling.

As a side note, I recognized a couple of the commenters and, while they did not embarrass themselves and even provided compelling rebuttals if not a soft admiration for Kori’s efforts, the bottom line is this…it is HER OPINION based on the facts she chose to base it on. She doesn’t represent anyone else or some larger corporate entity. She should have been commended for her deduction hypothesis, defective as it may have been to others and scalded by the impish insults flung by English-class cheaters/failures like “tegan” (what a queer name), “Darren” (nerd-alert), “Pogue” (synonym: imbecile), “Paul Gregutt” (NEVER takes a controversial stand so as to not upset the followers he profits from), “Ben” (oh you had a 1947 CB? BFD. Try an 1810 Chateau d’Yquem. Loser.), and “James” (you probably “did” your English teacher just to get a passing grade, but she laughed at your choad.).

A word on the fine print of said commenters: shut up. How can anyone take your monkey-asses seriously when you lack proficient writing skills? And get off that reliance on wine “scores.” Wine appreciation is a subjective indulgence. Perhaps, these old farts enjoy smelling ass, which is why they give such high “scores” to stinky wines. That’s their opinion. Let them be, as they are likely rehearsing for their nursing home stay.

To the wine.

If you are not on Full Pull Wines’ email list, you are missing out on some great monologues of the offerings. This is one of them.

Mr. Zitarelli is the only local wine evaluator that I mostly tend to agree with on his tasting notes. Forget the senior wine writer, I think he’s stroking the suppliers of his free wine and wants to be seen as a ‘hero’ in the Walla Walla Valley (and sell more books) so his tasting notes sound great, but are nowhere near what the wine tastes like on my table (probably because I PAY for the wine). I give Rand Sealey the benefit of the doubt since he’s been around since ‘Black Tuesday’, but his notes on this wine are rather…odd.

Tonight’s food pairing was an apartment classic: Stagg Silverado chili and Ball Park Hearty Beef hot dogs. What is it about tempranillo and its ability to dance with red chili pepper sizzling on the lips? A great combo.

Tasted at 49-59 degrees on the IR temp gun. A not-as-noticeable blue tinge on the swirl, but clear magenta in glass, soft whiffs lifted a blanket of dried, cracked branches, raspberries, Coach leather, and pink-red flowers. Fairly lightweight on the palate, subtle flavors of tobacco, vanillin, black cherry tart, and soft tea-tannins deliciously follow this decent canned-chili and greasy ‘dog.

Alcohol: 13.9%. Vineyards: 56% Stone Tree, 44% Les Collines. Harvested Sept. 22 and 25, 2008. Barrels: 22% New Nadalie, 78% neutral French. Aged 17 months. TA 0.59%. pH 3.90. Bottled March 29, 2010. Rated: 90. Paid: $30. Value: $27. Music pairing: “The In Crowd” Dobie Gray. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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