Powers Winery 2008 muscat canelli

A drug-seeking NY man mistakenly called Crime Stoppers looking to “score drugs.” Undercover officers used his information to actually bust a woman down the road for selling prescription painkillers. Another testimony for why I don’t touch Finger Lakes wines. Our State’s “rubber stamp” Liquor Control Board finally voted to ban the sale of caffeinated booze drinks, aka “blackout in a can,” while the “box of rubbers” in the Board of Legal Drugs voted to rescind the requirement for pharmacies to dispense legally prescribed medications, including “Plan B.” Not so coincidentally, sales of Amazon’s “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” immediately fell off the top seller charts. Also, not so coincidentally, some local wine blogger’s Twitter messages lamented something about cancelling a book order. Let’s see, 1 plus 1 plus 1 is…

I have been notified from our research and development team that we now have enough material to commence a Wine Mo-Fo of the Week award! The following candidates were nominated:

(1) “Sully” of the local wine report. A note beforehand: Sully is going through a reckless “phase” at present, acting out immature, aggressive behavior toward fellow wine bloggers. True, this is the mating season so, perhaps, his aberrant alpha-male behavior toward fellow wine bloggers is his expression of “marking his territory.” Apparently, Sully, this week, became the self-appointed spokesfool for an OREGON winery and followed with shameless blather in ridiculing a longtime female peer on her blogpost. Regardless of whether her methods of deduction were accurate or not, the evidence appears that Sully was so ticked off he didn’t first think of doing a lab test on a reputed “sigmoid smelling” wine, as reported in her blogpost, that he basically raped her journalistic credentials in his tasteless response on his own blog as well as digging in a few cheap shots in her comments section. Sully, whether you think you are right or wrong…she’s a woman, for God’s sake. No longer will your name be associated with “gentleman.” As a consolation, however, your name will be engrained next to the definition of “asshole.” Please get over your phase quickly as I haven’t read anything substantial from your double-standard blog for months now. Oh and btw, nice trashing of your own standard of not “(promoting) specific Washington events” by promoting that 20-and-broke-something event that your virtual girlfriend is hosting. Does she know that her balls are bigger? Here’s advice: finish your antiviral and antifungal therapies.

(2) “Benedict Arnold” of the “I used to not blog, tweet, or honk if I love zinfandel but I changed my mind because I need the money” moniker. Arnie continues to backpedal on his comments on recommending the lab test to begin with then admitting said wine was flawed “under an extremely narrow definition” but relabels the term as “good funk” and proceeds to also admit he gave another 100-point score to the responsible winery. Dood, you sold out a looooong time ago. Who cares if you gave a 150-point score to a wine? Almost no one is impressed.

As a bonus, B. Arnold, who is fast becoming a brittle cheapshot pundit, wrote on his blog today about a commenter to one of his ill-deserved columns in the Sunday paper. The commenter said what is common knowledge in the local wine community, that “based on your recommendation, I picked up a bottle…and found it tasted…awful.” Here was an opportunity to display Arnie was worthy of a Master Sommelier title like Greg Harrington, but as usual, Arnie eff’d up again and chose the low road by responding “that reader most likely thinks that cheap, oak-chipped, tarted up flavors…are what chardonnay should taste like. So give me a break!” Another classless remark from the 1904 gold medal winner in the BACKSTROKE.

And (3), the enclave of asexuals in wine buttsniffers dot com (simulated name just like the simulated sex they give each other). While it wasn’t enough to fill the blog post with rude, asinine comments, it was rumored that they continued to insult the blog author and made other “1-up” comments at their home site before sipping on “blackout in a can,” eating each other’s filthy smegma on crostinis, and forming their own Eiffel Tower. Nice celebration, douchebags.

Submit your vote at Whodeservesa44ouncehabaneroenema dot com.

Quiz: What is the likely reason Bill Powers (and now son Greg) chose to farm his vineyards organically?

To the wine.

Tonight’s food pairing was supplied by P. F. Changs (chicken lettuce wraps, spicy chicken, lo mein, and beef broccoli), along with a salad starter of “5 Lettuce Mix” provided by Fresh Express. I wasn’t expecting much from the wine, so it delivered a little more than expected for this simple weeknight fare. Normally, a muscat canelli wine is best served as an appetizer for its bold, yet simple expression of flower and fruit, 13% alcohol, and lack of overall complexity, but why be conventional? I played this one throughout the whole meal and it complimented very well.

Tasted at 49-53 degrees on the IR temp gun. Color: very light straw. Nose: honeysuckle, white flowers. Mouthfeel: “light, sweet crude.” Tail trail: 2 seconds. Flavors: freshly peeled orange, nectarines, peach, and apricot. Power: strong on the honeysuckle and orange. Balance: tilted toward white flowers and syrupy citrus. Depth: ankle. Finesse: this is an appetizer wine, c’mon.

Alcohol: 13.0% (12.5% on bottle). Tech sheet also states a release date of: “3.1.2008.” TA 0.61. pH 3.60. RS 0.10. 2000 cases. VL1 yeast. 100% muscat canelli. Vineyards: 72% Champoux Vineyard, 28% Badger Mountain Estate. Screw-cap. Cobalt-blue bottle. Paid: $10. Value: $8. Rated: 88. Music pairing: “What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am?” by Bill Deal & The Rhondels. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

Answer: Badger Mountain Vineyard sits just above neighborhoods and Bill did not want to expose them to pesticides after being a victim himself of 2,4-D drift. Badger Mountain Vineyard has been Certified Organic since 1990—the first, oldest, and largest organic winegrape producer in the State. This past August, Bill Powers was honored by the Walter Clore Center as a “Legend of Washington Wine.”

24hrs post: Peach flavors dominate with a sweet kiss on the spine on an ephemeral finish. Perceptibly sweet, so it’s hard to accept the tech sheet’s residual sugar number. Still a delicious starter wine.

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