Forgeron Cellars 2009 Boushey Vineyard marsanne

Oh Canada! That country’s industry minister told a gathering in Ottawa that the government’s digital strategy pleaded for more Canadian sex stories. Here’s my contribution, mate! Woodinville got up to about 25 degrees today. The last time the high was that low (in 1985), I was, uh, literally hangin’ with my buddies on a south-facing porch, flat drunk. Some ass-clown mentioned a contest to see who’s “package” was the toughest so we all exposed ourselves to the elements, seeing who’s teabag would be left standing. It took about half an hour but I ended up “a little short” of the winner. So, to commemorate that event, I re-enacted that event today on my porch. No, I didn’t use any tanning butter, but I did have a plate of raw oysters ready to resuscitate my manhood. Using my trusty infrared thermometer, I tolerated Mother Nature down to a nippy 93 degrees F, before I felt my face (and nardicles) turn a rather unnatural shade of purple, akin to K Vintners ‘Royal City’ syrah. Women, don’t try this at home…but you’re more than welcome to come on by and try it on my porch!

Keeping you readers up-to-date on the news…the new royals, Kate and Willie, will be married on April 29. The new economic indicator this holiday season is sales of push-up bras—“The Bombshell bra has been selling out, and that’s because husbands are buying them for their mistresses, and not the wives buying for themselves.” The two Koreas are rehearsing for a full-on resumption of war, after years of blustery rhetoric. And locally, city governments are vigorously defending their asinine decisions for: (1) not changing the express lanes to accommodate the afternoon commute, and (2) allowing articulated buses to roam freely on the hills and interstates, leading to 12-hour commutes out of Seattle. If you see a coffee can or a yellow water bottle by the road, steer clear.

On this eve of Thanksgiving Eve, yours truly wishes to give thanks to some of what has made for a truly memorable year 2010.

(1) The grape harvest. While the hype-generators in some “respected” wine bloggers tried to stir up a “cold” vintage year, a warm October gave farmers a third “summer” to allow what should be a most remarkable even-year vintage for Washington. Flavors should be spot-on ideal for all AVAs except Puget Sound and the cold pockets of the Yakima Valley AVA, with Walla Walla Valley AVA dangling precariously on the precipice.

(2) The influx of tasting rooms to Woodinville. While the non-easterners particularly despise the presence of Walla Walla wineries, I must say, this is a great time for Puget Sound wine consumers. There has never been a better time to partake in a plethora of tasting rooms pouring such a wide selection of wines. There are 97 “labels” to be found in Woodinville, but not all of them are open to the public. For instance, have you heard of Amelia Bleu or Trouaville Winery? Point. That’s why I yam the King of Woodinville…your only trusted source of unbiased wine information.

(3) The re-strengthening of boutique wine retailers. Competition, a rough economic climate, and the threat of Initiative 1100 forced these entrepreneurs to get creative and kowtow to the needs of this small niche of wine connoisseur. The ones who did have become the go-to wine store for their communities. World of Wines with their intriguing tastings at a minimal price, Village Wines with their expansion and separate area dedicated to a single winery, and Full Pull Wines with exceptional offerings and the supporting emails so salacious that I’d probably buy a durian wine (and rent a motel room) if Paul ever offered such. The wine, not the room.

(4) The Wine COW folks. The First Amendment lives here. I can imagine the calls to the webmaster to censor my writings and weaker vertebrates would have succumbed to the pressure of these whiny momma’s boyz. I have been accused of writing everything (within legal boundaries) to force wine blog readers to reconsider just what is behind the “heroes” they so cherish. Mind you, unlike the wannabes like “Terroirists” and the queers who strive in their feelings that they deserve to be known for either writing some “essential guidebook” or through a half-ass wine blog report that is his credential for securing free wine from sucker-wineries despite being unemployed for the year, I have single-handedly exposed these sick-phhhhhreaks for what they are…happy strokers with little or no character. The NAACP and the ACLU would be proud. And, it’s “you’re welcome,” not “no problem.” Tip: NEVER idolize someone who cannot handle adversity with dignity. These individuals may be closet pedophiles, or worse yet…40-chromosome asexuals.

Too much has been written on this good winery, Forgeron Cellars (FOR-juh-ron, French for blacksmith, where the winery/tasting room is in a former blacksmith shop) and winemaker in Marie Eve-Gilla so there’s nothing I can add to what’s already out there.

To the wine.

Tonight’s food pairing was a generous cut of pork cutlet with a side of buttery Birdseye mixed veggies. Good, but…

Tasted at 47-53 degrees on the IR temp gun. A gorgeous brilliant gold emanating from the Riedel white stem, with a nose of almonds, bush herbs, lemon-melon, and from 53 degrees, a pleasant peach liqueur and yellow melon. Thick on the palate, enduring flavors of volatile almond extract, more peach alcohol, and melon made for a compelling tasting.

Alcohol: 14.1%. 100% Boushey Vineyard marsanne.100% used French oak. pH 3.74 (drink now). Bottled March 18, 2010. 64 cases. Yakima Valley AVA. Rated: 90. Paid: $28. Value: $20. Music pairing: “Raise Your Glass” by Pink. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth. Happy Thanksgiving!

24hrs post: Found a better food pairing…S&B mild curry mix with ground beef. Yes, a very unlikely but marvelous pairing. Almond flavors almost disappear, replaced with pink grapefruit, cotton candy, Montmorency maple syrup, and cashews (unsalted). These aromas are fleeting and evolve by the minute. A few tartaric acid crystals with the final pour…wine dust (or wine diamonds).

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