Ross Andrew 2009 Celilo Vineyard pinot gris

Let’s celebrate Two fer Tuesdays! Who cares if it’s Friday…has I ever been contained by limitations? I think not. In the urology department we have: (1) a CSU-Northridge math professor was caught on camera micturating on a colleague’s door on campus after an alleged dispute over which wine tasted better—Charles Shaw or Golden Gate Vintners; and (2) a Tampa, FL fugitive on the lam for three decades was captured after he was arrested on urinating in public in Fulton County, GA. This reminds me of the last New Year’s party when Sean couldn’t handle his drink. Sex! Why is it so easy to get your attention? It’s also the answer to why people are so into social networking, according to a survey by a couple of faux-porn magazines. 38 percent of women admitted to sleeping with a date sooner due to digital intimacy. Of course, the next morning, 72 percent of women reported scouring their current sex partner’s ex-girlfriend’s Facebook pages. What wasn’t excavated was the report of 100% of women requiring treatment for digital chlamydia. Mark your calendars (or PDAs for you geeks) as next Thursday begins the Year of the Rabbit, based on the Chinese calendar. As if the Chinese need a fcuking calendar to proliferate…that country already houses 1.4 billion social networkers. Which leads to this… (Sean is exempt here) half of men would forgive their female partner’s infidelity, as long as it was with another woman, according to a University of Texas study. (This applies to Sean here) However, only 21% of women would let it go if her man cheated with…(ick!) another man. You’ve been warned, o derpilicious one.

Pinot gris/pinot grigio…it’s the same damn grape so what’s up? One old klonk defined it this way: pinot gris refers to Alsatian (France)-style aromatic blooms, whereas pinot grigio refers to the Italian-style of a more light and neutral tasting white wine. Whatever, wine snob. For the most part, here in the great Northwest, most wineries use the pinot gris moniker, probably more to denote the New World-style of winemaking and the more modern-sounding form that sells more bottles in the restaurants. What this all means to the Joe Blow consumer is there are two predominant styles of crafting this blue-gray grape. Oregon pinot gris is littered with wonderfully heady aromatics (floral, fruity) while Washington tends to be more restrained, but with exceptions such as this bottling from a most wonderful little crevice of an AVA in the Columbia Gorge. Both are great partners with food, but I suspect for the nouveau wine consumer, the more fruity version will go over much better. It’s just too bad that there’s no system, like that for Rieslings, in place yet.

In yet another revisit of a memorable wine from the past, I found this year’s version to be just as delightful and a wonderful fit with a dinner of supermarket classics such as rosemary garlic roasted chicken, cole slaw, red potato salad, and clam chowder. If you like your chicken spongy enough to eat without dentures, pick the casing with the leather-dry skin that’s obviously been sitting under the heat lamps all day long. Overall, a seamless food-wine pairing across the board.

Popped the Stelvin cap and tasted at 47-57 degrees on the IR temp gun. Light straw in color, the nose had a pinch of something reductive, BUT I didn’t mind as it stayed in its place while the peachy aroma touched all the corners in my Riedel. Fairly dense on the palate, flavors of peach, pink grapefruit, Granny Smith apple, and tangerine provided lingering aromatics that lifted what was otherwise a decent lazyass’s dinner.

Alcohol: 12.5%. Early harvested on Oct. 9, 2009. Harvest brix: 24.4. Whole cluster pressed. Fermented for 68 days at 47-53 degrees in stainless steel and aged on the lees for 4 months. pH 3.51. TA 0.62. RS 0.225%. Bottled: May 2, 2010 (tech sheet says 2009—not possible). 551 cases. To be clear…this is an Oregon winery (Dundee). Rated: 90. Paid: $19. Value: $18. Music pairing: “Two Faces Have I” by Lou Christie. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

24hrs post: happy to report the reductive odor dissipated overnight. I can understand the “ginger” sense of flavor on the back end, but lost some complexity with time. I’m thinking the “ginger” is more the pink, pickled version versus the fresh yellow root vegetable.

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