Olsen Estates 2008 Heritage syrah

How can you not love Chicago? First, they gave Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option” roadshow a better overall reception than that murder capital farther east on I-94. Then came this, a local cologne manufacturer will market two scents named Bacon! There’s a full-throttled, maple version called Bacon Classic and a lighter edition for those on high-dose Lipitor called Bacon Gold. But, little do they know that out here on the left coast, we already receive the pigsty aromas after even just glancing at pork-barrel wine blogs like a local wine report or from a ‘senior wine writer.’ A little bit west in Aurora, IL, the Kane County Forest Preserve folks who run the parks has proposed requiring humans using a dog park to wear a license around their necks, in addition to paying a $40 annual use-fee. This idea was taken from the Washington State Wine Blogger Council requiring wine bloggers on-the-take (eg. Walla Walla wine report and any fool named Gwine) to wear a big ‘L’ on their fiveheads. Not to be outdone, an Elkton, Maryland man was the victim of an April Fool’s prank when he was found glued to a toilet seat at a Wal-Mart. The 48 year-old man, name withheld for obvious reasons, was taken to a local emergency room where it took 15 minutes to remove the toilet seat. Let’s hope he wiped off all his dingleberries. Speaking of dingleberries…

What an incredibly satisfying week it has been to validate my claims that local wine bloggers are self-tooting, low-esteem, hype-mongers! First, there was the Seattle Magazine “wine awards” waste of space, tooting its incest pick of a fellow media mongol as “best” wine blog. Amongst the listed accomplishments was the same shit I blogged about long ago, regarding the old crank’s undignified slap at a reader comment. As for typical media cover-ups, the rag quoted him opening “six bottles of wine.” What wasn’t detailed was those six bottles were rumored to have been: Blue Fin pinot noir, Bella Sera pinot grigio, Barefoot chardonnay, two buck Chuck cabernet, Yellow Tail merlot, Blue Fish riesling, and Glen Ellen syrah. But wait! There’s more. Then, the old goat swiped information from a winery’s email that was sent out to its customer list just after 8am on Thursday, re-organized the information, then posted it and furiously tweeted all his gas-belching “me-toos” to give him credit for the ‘scoop’, blow hollow flattery to his highn-ass, and to retweet. Who cares? The previous owner of his eponymous winery will still be making the wines for at least another 5 years. Anyone who has even moderately followed the winery knew he had no family members to pass the torch to and the guy’s been in the industry over 35 years. Very clear and present signs that a ‘for sale’ sign was imminent. Alas, no dingleberry reference can be fortified better than including that local wine report liar who recently tweeted about millenials “driving wine market growth.” Let’s be clear, cheap wines (sub-$15) are driving any wine market growth in the last couple of years. Everyone buys cheap “value” wines, not just millenials. If these so-called wine experts would simply walk through the wine aisles of the local supermarkets like I (and everyone else) frequently do, then it’s simple math to understand what is going on in wine sales. But, these moochers prefer to score free wine the sleazy way; thus, the disconnect with their readers.

This wine is a clear example. Ol’ ‘senior wine writer’ mentions this wine as costing $45. Not that he saw the price on the winery’s website or at the market. No. This wine was tossed to the moocher and with it, a supposed suggested retail of $45 (maybe he got it confused with the 2007). Two lessons here: (1) suggested retail in this economy is NOT the same as marketplace retail; and (2) this obsolescent winery gave away its expensive wine to an ineffective, crusty old klonk. Coincidence? Think about it and how many times I have railed against wineries punting their expensive wines over to non-influential, non-entertaining wine buggers. What the hell is wrong with requiring wine bloggers that they actually PAY for at least the cost of the bottle of wine in exchange for a full-spectrum tasting and he/she/they can take home one bottle of their choice? Wine moochers, I tell ya, the slimeballs are killing the local wineries with their lack of financial support. If they aren’t willing to join the winery’s club, at least buy a frickin’ bottle from the winery. Is that SO MUCH to ask?

To the wine.
Oh my gawd! When I saw this bottle while perusing the Costco wine boxes, I immediately had an eye-boner. What a gorgeous package job the Olsen Estates did. I compared this voluptuous dark-olive dame with the horizontal gold-line across its foil at the neck with the Rasa Vineyards Reserve syrah. Besides being a hair-taller, its shoulders are wider, revealing a carved, buxom, and bodacious body silkscreened simply with a logo, a free-flowing ‘Heritage’, vintage 2008, and the winery name, all in faux-gold leaf with a deep, indented punt. This, this is a bottle that, if ever there was a reason to equate ‘sexy’ with wine, this is it. Really sorry to see this winery’s demise.

For you back label-beaters, it does say “Yakima Valley syrah” and the alcohol content, along with a short blip about the Olsen Family.

Served with a slappy New York strip steak and a measure of sautéed onions and mushrooms. Dreamy.

Tasted at 56-67 degrees on the IR temp gun. A very young and playful purple is accompanied by a dawdling stink of bacon, blackberry, and public men’s restroom. I know you ‘Old World’ folks love this crappy smell, but for me, it needs to be tempered and lassoed. Surprisingly light on the palate, flavors of purple fruits, black pepper, black cherry, dried tobacco leaf, and raspberries danced on a moderate finish. The stink disappeared at 24 hrs and the enjoyment scale moved up a notch. At 48 hrs, this fragrant blossom had wilted considerably.

Alcohol: 14.8% (tech sheet says 14.4%). 100% estate-grown syrah. Harvested Oct. 12, 2008. Harvest Brix: 26. Aged 16 months in 100% new French oak. pH 3.8. TA 0.71. RS 0.03% (undetectable). MA 0.07 g/l. Winery recommends drink through 2020. 120 cases.

Yakima Valley AVA. Power: 3/5. Balance: 2/5. Depth: 3/5. Finesse: 3/5. Stink: 3/5. Rated: 92 (90-92). Value: $35. Paid: $27.59. Winery website price for the 2007 is $45. 2008 not listed. Music pairing: “Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)” by The Impalas. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

P.S. You want a scoop? Here’s one. That empty spot next to Purple Cafe in Woodinville will become the next trendy locale to sip wine. William Church Winery has signed on and more are coming. I won’t tell you who, but you will find out soon enough. Stay tuned.

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20 Responses to Olsen Estates 2008 Heritage syrah

  1. Antoine Pin says:


    I got it. I got it. ”

    And it doesn’t matter what you you think. Cuz I got my sombrero, I got my donkey and I got my bottle of nice tequila and I’m riding off into the sunset saying, Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!” Right Jabronee??

    Keep writing. It’s starting to be Vince McMahon fun to read these. Oh and Buddy, next time you use a quote from The Rock, can you please footnote it? So it doesn’t take me 4 months to figure it out? Thanks.

  2. Shona says:

    I hate to burst your self important bubble but your scoop on William Church was posted on Woodinville Wine Update on March 20th. Oh, they will be sharing that space with Lachini Vineyards which I posted on March 18th.

  3. wawineman says:

    This comment came from Shona:
    “I hate to burst your self important bubble but your scoop on William Church was posted on Woodinville Wine Update on March 20th. Oh, they will be sharing that space with Lachini Vineyards which I posted on March 18th.”

    Bait taken! I always had a feeling they were reading me. All of them. And no, I do not read them unless a reader advises me to, which is not often. So Shona…who gave you that “queen of Woodinville” moniker that you so proudly wear? Yeah, lumpuckeroo just hit ya. Who told you about Cave B Winery finding a plot in Woodinville? Who told you about the discount card from the commission? And on and on… *ho hum*

  4. Antoine Pin says:

    Why didn’t leave that post up Ed?? there’s bait?? what kinda are ya usin’?? Discount cards for wines from the commissioners?? Cave B is trying to produce another sparkling in Washington (oh boy–that’s scary, although only one of their vintages was impressive), Queen of Woodinville?? I wouldn’t disagree that she’s got woodinville covered fairly well and that her blog is informative with event. That, my dear Edwin is true. At least now when you think of Kings and Queens in WoodyVille, you can be sure she’s got a calendar update. At least give her that. She’s not to shabby on camera. Wanna give it a crack? Let’s do a segment together. Have a little fun. Oh, and you readers?? or Advisers? LOL. If you smeellllaaalalala, what Costco, is cookin’.

    Later dude. Toine.

  5. wawineman says:

    Mr. Pin, I am impressed!
    You know your surroundings in Woodinville, unlike others who just go there for work and don’t give a rip. Next thing you know, you and I and your skinny sidekick, vineyardgurl, will be taking video roadtrips to the Yak wineries as champions of wine enjoyment.
    Here. Let me shine up my championship belt for you. Shine it up real pretty so you can see the wineman’s reflection nice and clear. That’s right. Then, I’m gonna turn it sideways…and stick it straight up your arse! Now, do you smell what the wineman’s drinking?!
    Have a nice day!

  6. wawineman says:

    To Shona,
    Dang girl, you’re back? Are you a serious follower of the wineman’s musings? I make it a point not to trash my intelligent readers because there’s no reason to as they often have a higher wine-IQ (and opine with respect) than the author.
    I find wine bloggers take themselves too seriously (narcissist), blog only on topics/wines that are given to them for free (pay to play, and when these types run around in a pack- they steal a lot of money from the wineries) AND tend to place themselves in the spotlight when it should be Washington wine.
    That is my view and it is also a consolidation of what other wine drinkers in tasting rooms have voiced to me.
    Wine bloggers blog for each other. Look it up on Snopes. Sad, but true.
    As for all that peripheral garbage, do what you want with it. There’s no trademark infringement (yet) and my patent is still pending. So you’re the Queen of Woodinville; you’re the only one (and others agree) so run with it and make the City of Wine proud!

  7. Antoine Pin says:

    My dear sir, I think you have to fast forward maybe ONE year to find a segment with me and Mrs. Washington State Vineyardgurl. Check out the current videos. I love the fact that you’ve been watching though, my analytics are sparkling with your hits. Thanks. As far as knowing Woodyville?? Well, I still haven’t found a good taco truck. Know one??
    As far as you’re little eany-beany-bitty champ belt, you’ve got No chance…that’s what you’ve got, Up against a machine too strong,
    Pretty politicians buyin’ souls from us are PUPPETS!
    Who’ll find their place in line, But tie a string ’round your finger now boy.
    ‘Cause it’s, it’s just a matter of time, ‘Cause you’ve got…No chance…No chance in Hell.

  8. wawineman says:

    Always glad to help out.
    All the good taco trucks are in downtown and north SEA. I’m a fan of Maximus/Minimus and can be found there on my frequent forays with the suits. Sure, they’re sandwiches but I don’t care…as long as it’s meat nested within starch paired with “Hecho en Mexico” Coca-Cola, life is pretty darn good. The more banged up the bottle, the better it tastes. Sweet Chicano spit…

  9. Antoine Pin says:

    Am I still banned from you’re Twitter feed?? I feel totally left out.

  10. wawineman says:

    Are you banned? I was about to fix it when I noticed your lineup of followers then I got really nauseated. That’s okay. I know where to find ya and you know where to find me.

  11. Antoine Pin says:

    I can’t really control my lineup of followers. I’ve booted some off, as you have too. The funny thing about it is that I’m promoting Washington wine in general through my videos. Not much else. How the hell do I have so many followers? I have NO clue. People don’t seem to have lives. Although they do want to see the vids, but you’d be surprised how “all over the board” the views are. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    You’re right we do know where to find each other. I don’t consider myself to be that much of a twitter user, although I’m finding myself using it more than texting. How sad? At least I don’t get a mercedes or a buick everytime I tweet.

  12. wawineman says:

    I understand, and really, the diversity of your followers speaks volumes of what you deliver on your blog.
    You shouldn’t be surprised since you and I have crossed paths quite a few times in the warehouse district, D-block to be exact.
    At least it’s good to know you don’t get a free case of sample wine from Big Conglomerate for tweeting “such a nice wine.”

  13. Antoine Pin says:

    I have a strange idea. Want to film an episode where I have you behind a counter without showing who you are (under the counter or off camera) and with the use of reading cards instead of your voice?? Throw off a few folks?? You pick the winery you know and knows you?? I think it would be funny. Entertaining too. Just a thought at 7am.

  14. wawineman says:

    That is quite a strange idea, which is why I like it. Why don’t you include some of your posse like Nick and Alex also?

    • Antoine Pin says:

      Nick?? Um, yeah, no. I’m not down with inviting slackers. Alex?? I know he’s gonna see this, but I really don’t care. All I ask Mr. “I live at mom & dad’s” is about music and event. Otherwise? I can get a membership to Cellartracker myself. Waaahhhhh!!!! Haven’t been online for quite a while, sorta missed your dietribes, hence the reason I’m here now. Cheers Ed.

  15. wawineman says:

    Antoine! I thought you kicked me to the curb…
    Alex? Can he read? I bet he’s jammin to Girl Talk by UVS. j/k
    Guess you’ve been busy with REAL WORK, unlike (ahem) others.
    Nice to have you back!

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