Columbia Winery 2009 Rosé of petit verdot

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on July 30, 2010:

What is it with the Southeast lately? A Louisiana man passed out while trying to break into a home occupied by an 82 year-old woman holding a crowbar. Was it the moonshine-soaked grits? A Florida cell phone manager dissuaded an armed man from robbing his store, telling him Jesus wouldn’t approve. Think that would work on Lance Armstrong? Seattle’s had hail but nothing compared to South Dakota’s record-breaking 31 ounce, 8-inch diameter boulder that would have been larger if not for power outage that followed the storm. This reminds me of a wine blogger’s teabag that recently grilled some ribeye…but, I digress.

As a blogger on Washington wine for the last 2 and ½ years, I have a gripe with you silent readers. Why the hell do you not comment on these blogs whereas you may or may not comment on others? I know you’re reading me…Carmen, Sean, Paul G., Babs, Da-wayne, Keith, John, Ryan, Matt, Neil, Cyndy, Robert, Jaden, Gail, etc. I sure would appreciate your thoughts. After all, these blogposts are really only for me to keep notes on the wines I’ve passed through. That you are along for the ride is my humble gift to you. SAY SOMETHING! If you read other wine blogs, I encourage you all to participate in the comments. Quite often, I skip the actual article and go straight to the replies/comments of readers who have boned up enough to supplement a porous post. Participate, gang. It’s the American way. Love it or hate it, just don’t stick your head up your ass and be quiet. No amount of Golytely or MoviPrep will fix this.

Alcohol: 13.5%. Harvest month: October, 2009. TA 0.69. pH 3.15. Bottled: April, 2010. RS 0.25%. Initially, a Milestone/Club 1962 release for the winery. Oasis Vineyard. Yakima Valley AVA (fast becoming my favorite AVA).   Lovely salmon-pink color expected of a “rose” wine. Tasted at 49-62 degrees F on the handy IR temp gun. Part of the “Small Lot Series.” While petit verdot can dominate a red wine at as little as 10% content, as a rose-designated wine, gorgeous scents of strawberries, rose petals, cherries and guava lead to flavors of  guava, lime, Orondo Ruby cherry, and a tail of soft mint.

Music pairing: “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by the Everly Brothers.. Member price: $22. Value: $20. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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