Kirkland Signature 2009 pinot gris

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on July 24, 2010:

Despite Darth Vader apparently robbing a bank in Setauket, NY on Thursday (times are hard even in the Death Star), this version of odd news is dedicated to man’s best friend. A Frankfort, KY humane society let loose an apparent “coyote” that was later identified in pictures as an AKC-registered domestic dog that may have escaped the owner’s fenced backyard. The owner cannot understand how an animal shelter misidentified her coyote-looking dog. The shelter cannot understand how a pet owner spent thousands on acquiring a dog, yet not bother to collar, chip, or license her pet. An Idaho police dog is back on duty after serving a suspension for attacking an innocent schnauzer. The 5 year-old German shepherd is trained in finding illegal drugs, missing people, evidence at crime scenes, and mauling mutts with overgrown goatees. And, earlier today, motorists at a Swiss fruit market helped themselves to melons that fell off the back of a truck, creating a traffic jam. What that has to do with “man’s best friend” is beyond me, but if you figure it out, let me know.

Since I’m accidentally touring the northeastern Italian wine region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia after last night’s terrific sauvignon blanc, I found a reason to open this sleeper in my cooler. Anyone who shops for wine at that LOCAL company known as Costco (some social media ditz does not consider Costco to be a local Puget Sound concern, and so looks down on patronizing their stores–stupid idiot b*tch) knows all about their “store brand,” Kirkland Signature (KS). The portfolio of KS wines includes vintages from the famous regions of the world and, imho, the goal of KS wines is to provide solid value and quality from said areas. Examples (and prices) currently include: Napa Valley cabernet ($18.95), Alexander Valley cabernet ($10.95), Rutherford Meritage ($15.95), Marlborough sau blanc ($7.99), Sonoma County chard ($8.95), Chateauneauf du Pape cuvee ($19.95), and a sold-out Columbia Valley merlot ($8.99). Any savvy wine consumer knows that finding decent wines at these price points is very rare and lacking in quality.

Remember, Costco is known for providing value…sort of a, I hate to use this term but, high QPR for consumables, including wines. Keep that in mind.

While I was not overly impressed with an earlier review of the merlot (too burnt), I had higher hopes after drinking a superbly delicious sauvignon blanc from the same region as this pinot grigio. Some background according to the wineman…pinot gris and pinot grigio are essentially the same clone of the mutant pinot noir grape. “Pinot” is French for pinecone, likely referring to the pinecone shape clusters. “Gris” is French for gray, referring to one of the typical colors of the fruit. “Grigio” is Italian for gray. My take is Italian pinot grigio wine tends to lean toward lighter color, flavor and slightly higher acids and some spritz compared to Oregon pinot gris, which is bolder in color and stone fruits.

Tasted at 48-54 degrees F on the IR temp gun and paired with leftover KFC protein. Very light straw in color, the in-glass aromas strain to produce peach and citrus while leaving an ephemeral trail of same with some tart, along with a dusting of pear and green apple. No sweetness so this is not a wine for the beginner.

Alcohol: 12.5%. Drink by the end of summer. Bottled by C.V.B.C. & C. SpA (Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo) – Fossalta Di Piave – Italia. DOC: Friuli. The “Grave” (grah-veh) on the label refers to the gravelly terrain. Rated: 85. Value: $7. Paid: $8. Music pairing: “Come Softly To Me” by The Fleetwoods. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

…interesting link: costcowineblog.

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