McCarthy and Schiering 2007 cabernet sauvignon

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on Aug. 14, 2010:

A salon owner in Mississippi got an unexpected power cutoff in the middle of a customer’s hair coloring, leaving the customer mostly bald on the top half of her head. While the salon owner believes the power company mistakenly credited her home account instead of her business account, the customer apparently left the salon looking like the Gre-guttless wonder and started signing books of “The Essential Guide to Walla Walla Wineries, 2nd edition.” Another reason to gut the Mariners… the lifeless M’s win yet another game after installing a former AAA-manager, 9-3 over the Cleveland surrender-monkeys. If they only had kept their previous manager, chances are the M’s would be in first-place (of the 2011 draft). Too bad, so sad.

Tonight’s wine is a conundrum of sorts. McCarthy & Schiering has been around Seattle (View Ridge and Queen Anne, specifically) for over 25 years, and is a prominent player in the Seattle wine community, but no one blogger appears to give the retailer much props. Daniel M. McCarthy and Jay T. Schiering run what is a wino’s fantasy wine shop, with an open wine club, weekly tastings, sales on “futures,” and availability of a plethora of rare wines from around the world. The staff is always gracious, yet not overbearing. Their special offerings are nary to be found at other, more corporate retail outlets, and offer a synergistic portfolio if you are already enrolled (and buying) from FullPullWines.

My recent visit, of which I am a paid ‘lifer’ with M&S, was timed not-so-coincidentally with a couple of special deals: (1) a $23.95 deal on DeLille Cellars’ 2008 Chaleur Estate blanc, and (2) a $22.95 killer deal on their house label cabernet sauvignon. Now, one might think, “Oh, it’s just leftover hot garbage from some desperate Walla Walla winery.” Hold on, Robin. I sense a “steal” here. Sure, retailers are a business; however, M&S winos know these guys understand their savvy clientele. They don’t just bid on the first cartload off the train. In this case, their supplier for this 2007 version of their “house” cabernet happens to originate from an undisclosed “Snohomish winery.”

Any halfwit claiming to know Washington wines knows there were only two wineries punching out notable cabernets from that squeaky frontier town of Snohomish in 2007. So, trivia question, who was the other winery? (Hint: I reviewed the cabernet)

Tonight’s food pairing was leftovers from my incredible ‘TGIF’ grill session that started on Thursday. Hey, it’s not my fault I start my Fridays on a Thursday. You credit-card slaves with your $15,000-debt living in your pathetic cubby-hole flats are simply paying the price to get where I is. You may look young and purdy and have an attitude that is detailed on my punching bag, but you cannot afford some of the wines I am stocked up on. Thankfully, if you stick your ego in that thumb-protector you call a condom and cut back on the profuse application of Astro Glide on your cheap date, you can afford a wine like this now-and-then.

The serious question is to decide between a killer Washington syrah or a nimble Washington cabernet with some serious personally-cooked food. Hey, don’t look at me for the answer. I just blog my experiences with some severely-allocated wines that most of you only dream about. Don’t hate the wine consumer, just hate yourself that you weren’t with me when this magnificent chemical reaction occurred.

Trivia answer: Alia Wines.

Here’s a hint: grilling acts as a terrific preservative. 48 hours after I nailed the cooking on some mack-veggies and meat, the food held its smoky flavors and danced a serious tango with my leftover syrahs and this cabernet. This wine added some ripe black fruits and sensuous dark chocolate nuances to a plate full of my best grilled veggies to date.

A stand-alone nose of Flintstones chewable vitamins, chocolate-covered raisins, and a hanging pot of flowers. Deft on the palate and a tail lasting graciously over 10 seconds, flavors of black fruits and Hershey chocolate cascade over licorice sticks sprinkled with cinnamon powder. Shy tannins leave a ballerina footprint. The heat comes strong above 65, but so do the roses. Tasted at 58-64 degrees on the IR gun. A gorgeous dinner wine.

Alcohol: 15.2%. Columbia Valley AVA. 360 cases. Label is gold-colored with nine strategically-lined pastel colored windows. No back label. Produced and bottled by Palette Wine Company. Rated: 92. Value: $30. Paid: $23. BW-WA-68. Music pairing: “A Certain Girl” by Ernie K-Doe. Vineyard guesstimates: Champoux, Galitzine, Discovery, Klipsun, Palengat, and Tapteil. Figured out the winery by now? This is WAwineman… uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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