O.S. Winery 2006 Dineen Vineyard syrah

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on Aug. 18, 2010:

This banana has no a-peel. Clallam County sheriffs arrested a 21 year-old hick in a child’s banana costume for exposing himself to a woman at a Wendy’s restaurant then driving to nearby Four Seasons Ranch and brandished a shotgun and began yelling. Authorities noted he had been drinking earlier in the day, but didn’t have a plausible reason to be wearing the costume. A 10 year-old boy shot himself while on a Metro in the CD and allegedly attempting to rob, along with three other “kids,” a 17 year-old boy. This, about 24 hours after a man in his 20s shot and grazed a male teenager’s back at the same location, is why we call the area “CD,” folks. This explains why Puget Sounders can’t live in eastern WA; they would go cray-cray from the heat and make the entire Yakima Valley one big clutch oven.

The “O” is for winemaker William H. Owen, who learned his vintner’s skills from other winemakers, one of them being Chris Camarda of Andrew Will Winery. The “S” is for Rob Sullivan, a retired banker. And, the VO is for office manager Victoria Odden, who keeps the winery’s paperwork updated.

O.S. Winery is located in that afterthought-area next to the King County International Airport called South Park. Not exactly a Woodinville wonderland, but I bet the rents are cheap. Thus, the winery became a founding member of the South Seattle Artisan Wineries group, along with, I believe, other founding members– :Nota Bene Cellars, Cadence Winery, and Fall Line Winery. Later add-ons are: Laurelhurst Cellars, Falling Rain Wines, Sodovino, and Stomani Cellars.

O.S. Winery was founded in 1997 and their first wines were a 1998 merlot (300 cases) and a 1998 cab (200 cases). They have since added to their portfolio: R3 (for three reds-cab sau, merlot, and cab franc); BSH (Brick Sh*t House) is aged 24 months and is made in St. Julien-style; M is for the merlot-cab blend from Klipsun Vineyard; two cab francs (one from Champoux and one from Sheridan); petit verdot from Meek; a red wine made from leftovers; a riesling from Champoux; a cab franc rose from Champoux; S (sau blanc and semillon from Klipsun); and their top-of-the-line Ulysses which is all Sheridan Vineyard red wine. Lots of single-vineyard goodies here.

The tasting room loosely charges $5 and is open every second Saturday, February through August.

O.S. Winery blog: oswinery.typepad.com

A little about the vineyard source of this syrah. Pat and Lanie Dineen purchased this former apple orchard in 2001 in anticipation of Pat’s retirement from a 40-year banking career. The location is adjacent to Sheridan Vineyard and Two Blondes Airport, oops excuse me, Vineyard. The following year, they added an 80-acre parcel and is currently planted in 55 acres while also housing Dineen Vineyards tasting room and Sheridan Vineyards winery. The vineyard blocks are each named after members of the family. The Vineyard currently has 19 winery clients and, I’m sure, more than a few garagistes. Dineen Vineyards has a website that puts more than a few wineries’ websites to shame.

Food pairing was a full throttle bounty off the grill: corn, red potatoes, yams (topped with brown sugar and butter), eggplant, zucchini, brussels sprouts, Walla Walla sweets, bell peppers, Agaricus bisporus (aka portabella), and marinated short ribs. Sound familiar? Yeah, this wine unfortunately was in a throwdown with Rasa Vineyards.

Tasted at 58-67 degrees on the IR gun. A few gentle swirls revealed an earthy magenta-to-purple color and a nose of purple flowers, red flowers, rosemary and oregano. Soft, medium-weight in mouth, flavors of plum and smoky bacon fat evolved to coffee grounds and a sprinkle of cayenne on a moderate finish.

Alcohol: 14.8%. 90 cases. Rated: 91. Value: $30. Paid: $23. A unique black and red label design like it’s out of a Rollerball movie. Yakima Valley AVA…but really, this is Rattlesnake Hills AVA. C’mon, give the Ratt Hills a break, and some credit, please. Music pairing: “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” by Brownsville Station. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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