Efeste 2008 Evergreen riesling

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on April 17, 2010:

There are many wrongs with viewing Britney Spear’s before- and after- pics in her Candies’ shoes ad. For one, she’s a mom, twice-over. Another, she’s in a one-piece pink bikini…she’s a mom, twice-over. And thirdly, what’s up with those bruises on her right leg that got Photoshop’d out of the final cut? Staph infection? Love bites? Lyme disease? All of the above? Ick. Kate Hudson is getting dragged over the coals for her recent breast implants. Girlfriend, I tol’ ya not to date A-Fraud! It’s good business to have a child with Mel Gibson as the mother of his 5-month old daughter has agreed to an alimony payment of  $12,000-15,000…a month. Females should be so lucky; after all, look at what the guys have for them…a Snooki who made $2200…all last year. Maybe if I got Photoshop’d and a pic sent to Mel and…yeah right! Whatevers.

Good evening! And welcome to beautiful Safeless Field, on a gorgeous freezing evening in Seattle. Tonight’s game is the final of a three-wine set, with a couple aces from the 2008 vintage about to do battle. This is Dave WAwinehaus and I’ll be doing the color commentary. We have Eroica warming up in the visitor’s bullpen while Efeste’s Evergreen loosens up with the home team.

As we get underway, first pitch is swung on and slices toward the right-field corner, just inside the foul line for a double! Eroica showed some refinement and acid-discipline this time after last night’s performance. The color also lightened slightly, which the pitcher probably did not see. Routine grounder. Can o’ corn. K. End of inning.

Efeste takes a called strike then rips a gapper to the fences! Wearing the light straw uniforms tonight. Next batter takes a swing-and-a-miss but the base runner steals third! Mayo my! Next pitch is fouled but the left fielder catches it and, oh no!, drops the ball, allowing the runner to take home. What a peachy-smelling heads-up baserunning play that was!

We go to the final frame, with Efeste leading by one, and here comes the closer, Brennon ‘Big Softie’ Leighton. He’s been lights out for the home team ever since he was acquired back in 2007, after a few All-Star years over in the Big (producer) League. His California Pizza Kitchen pitch isn’t in top form anymore, but he learned a new Freschetta FlatBread off-speeder that is unhittable by comparable supermarket frozen pizzas. Strike three and the game’s over! Efeste squeaks by this one and wins the battle between these two division leaders.

Efeste Winery is located just past the warehouse clot of wineries and on the hilly right side of 144th Ave NE. I have briefly talked to Brennon during my volunteer time with Crush and he’s actually quite the humble and soft-spoken gentleman for someone with a rebel-streak of a past. Brennon, if you don’t already know, used to work for Chateau Ste. Michelle about ten years ago, specifically with the wines of Eroica. Upon recommendation by DeLille Cellars’ Chris Upchurch, Brennon left to join forces with this upstart winery and has been crafting brilliant wines ever since.

Efeste has a largely popular following with its cooking demonstrations at its in-house kitchen, of which I had the delight of sampling some great Greek dishes. They also host concerts and some great wine club parties on their property, which was Januik Winery’s old home base. This is one of the few wineries where club membership has a plethora of perks, and it’s still open.

A side-by-side comparison with day-old Eroica showed some remarkable similarities. The in-glass colors were nearly inseparable. Only a substantial nose of stone fruit separated the Efeste, while the mouthfeel was identical. The Efeste flavor profile leaned tighter to the peaches and melons and lacked a prominent acid-clutch, and that’s where I considered the Efeste broke ahead. A beautiful wine.

Color: light straw. Nose: sweet peaches, white flowers, yellow flowers. Mouthfeel: good density. Tail trail: 5 seconds. Flavors: peach, nectarine, lime, kiss of pink grapefruit, fresh-peeled orange, slight bite of Schweppes. Balance: lovely dynamics between stone and citrus. Power: medium, with a clean change of flavors on the fade. Depth: pretty. Finesse: smooth, yet undulating.

Columbia Valley AVA. 100% riesling from Evergreen Vineyard. pH 3.16. RS 1.3%. TA 0.88%. Alcohol: 11.7%. Stainless steel fermented with no secondary. Yeasts: VIN 13 and RHST. Soft cork. Music pairing: “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol. Rated: 91. Value: $20. Paid: $16. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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