Dusted Valley Vintners 2007 grenache

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on January 12, 2010:

This one’s for us old-folks, like ChrisinSunnyside and me. A 75 year-old Coral Springs, FL man somehow got a 67-year old “hottie” to walk him to his car from the Whole Foods market and they ended up marrying in the store’s cafe. Ya know, I tried that maneuver back in high school and all it got me was four red finger-indentations on my cheek…and a couple airborne teeth. Oh Chris, this 1s 4 u, a Knoxville (Sequoyah Hills) man wants to run a music studio and fertility service from his home. I can just imagine songs like “Beat It” and that hip-hop jangle that goes like “do you wanna uh-uhh” and “…it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…” blaring out in that wealthy neighborhood. Music and fertility…only in Tennessee! Yee-har!
I visited the Woodinville tasting room not too long ago and was treated to a wonderful tasting lineup dominated by Rhone reds. Every wine in the lineup that day struck a “wow!” but the grenache and mourvedre were a particular treat (over the Stained Tooth syrah or “STS”) simply due to its relative rarity around these parts. The only tiebreaker I had was the grenache had others (like Maison Bleue) to compare to as the mourvedre was really “under the mud” in terms of peers. And, that’s why we are here tonight, to compare/contrast the two. Mind you, I am not a fan of blending grapes as principal wines since they are considered “blending” grapes for a very sound reason. However, as a locavinophile, Woodinvilleist, and your “King of Woodinville”, I feel for my subjects’ palate fatigue of the same-old, same-old and has decided to embrace these new entries that bring new luster to all corners of my mouth.
As a side note, to let you know, I am not some blood-sucking, freeloading, tasting room-judging wine reviewer like some other bloggers around here. Wineries are in business to make a profit and my duty is to support (or advise them if they suck) their operations by posing as a regular consumer. No, I’m not a ‘mystery shopper.’ More like an ‘undercover wine lover.’ One aspect I take seriously is my method of wine purchasing. This is what separates me from the crusty old wine reviewers who expect wineries to mail their wines to them and pray for a good word (and rating). I want the wineries to earn my hard-earned credit card. They get the satisfaction that they “earned” my sale and I get to take home the jewel (or two) of the tasting. Those who judge a wine from a 60-second tasting, hey, kudos to your palate but really, how often does a shiny tasting-room wine get unmasked by a real-environment home dinner? Coyote-syndrome, hello? Way too often, imho. So, if you follow these “flukes” who mostly judge wines based on tasting-room experiences, then I can only hope that your wine experience is soundly based on only visiting tasting rooms, which is actually a good thing, for the wineries. My advice, use the tasting rooms to eliminate the wines you do not prefer, then BUY ONE OR TWO and see how it performs at your dinner table. Wine reviewers who “mooch” most of their wines, I think, have lost touch with the rest of us. And wineries, stop “donating” your wonderful wines to the old distribution system. It doesn’t work anymore. Stick to wine reviewers who utilize the latest technologies. These individuals are plugged in to your customers and will guide them to your tasting rooms.
Color: clearer, sharper edged dark purple. Nose: higher notes of strawberry, raspberry. Mouthfeel: lightweight. Tail trail: 4 seconds (kaboom! at 2 seconds). Flavors: same as nose but more subdued over the entire palate. Alcohol: 14.7%. 100% grenache. 175 cases. Unfined/unfiltered. Balance: a little off with the kaboom!. Power: what part of kaboom! do you not understand? Dimension: only scratched the surface. Finesse: no noticeable flaws…maybe I just enjoyed talking to the 6-foot 25-inch tasting room director!

Columbia Valley AVA. Stelvin cap. Rated: 90. Value: $30. Paid: $28. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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