O’Shea Scarborough 2008 semillon/sauvignon blanc

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on January 3, 2010:

Thinking of ChrisinSunnyside, a driver in Murfreesboro, TN (southeast of Naaaashville) passed out in his car at a gas station while he was cooking methamphetamine in his backseat. Just wait ’til they get the recipe for Oxycotton… Here’s a reason to avoid “super-Tuscan” wines…a 35-year old Sicilian man stole sweets and a packet of gum so he could spend time in jail in order to avoid spending New Year’s with his relatives. That’s what happens when you think Buca di Beppo is the sh*ts for Eye-talian food. Why does it take a woman to break a record?? A South Dakota woman was found passed out in a stolen delivery van with a BAC of 0.708! That’s nine times the legal limit. My question is, how can she be charged with DUI when she was already passed out? I’m so impressed!
Who is the world is O’Shea Scarborough and what is a winery doing in, of all places, the “armpit of Seattle” called Tukwila (near Sea-Tac Airport)??? The winery is a “joint endeavour” of Darryn O’Shea (a WA native) and Travis Scarborough (a Napa Valleyite), who met while Travis was working at Cassis (a Seattle restaurant I never heard of) and Darryn was wholesaling wine in Seattle. Matt Loso threw them a barrel and some grapes in 2004 and they crushed their first vintage with their feet! Originally garagistes, they moved to an industrial location in Tukwila and have since broadened their skills into both red and white wines. They are inspired by German wines where the finish is both crisp (acidity) and stony (minerality).

Their current offerings include: Dineen Vineyard dry riesling, Lewis Vineyard cabernet sauvignon and syrah, Wallula Vineyard chardonnay, Champoux Vineyard chardonnay, a Klipsun Vineyard semillon, a riesling ice wine, a merlot, cabernet sauvignon and this combine. Damn fine sources. Sad to say, what got them on my radar was a mention in the San Francisco Chronicle ‘Top 100 Wines of 2009’. Never heard of them beforehand. Never saw their wines in stores until I did an active search. Found this bottling at Pete’s Wines on Lake Union for $18.69 so had to scoop it. Their goal is to produce 1500 cases, which is quite modest even in “boutique winery” terms.

This wine was paired with a typical Sunday faire…a Seahawks loss and a tasty curry of shrimp and veggies. The strong fruit upfront countered with the background curry flavors and made for quite an enjoyable meal.

Color: bright lighter gold. Nose: tropical fruits like pineapple, guava and papaya. Mouthfeel: light and bouncy. Tail trail: 2 seconds. Flavors: ripe peach, banana, apricot, mango, Fuji apple, and limey finish.

Red Mountain AVA. Klipsun Vineyard. Alcohol: 13.2%. Wax top and no foil capsule. Rated: 92. Value: $22. Paid: $19. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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