Darby 2007 Purple Haze red wine

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on November 23, 2009:

Got an inside tip that Sean P. Sullivan of Washington Wine Report will be virtual tasting a $200 cabernet next month at my recommendation! The political prowess of WAwineman at work! Of course, I was kidding, folks. I’ll do it myself…the WAwineman-style of a virtual tasting (coming soon). In these hard times, your unelected representative of our glorious Washington wine district, that’s me, feels your pain and has chosen to, being the moocher extraordinaire that I am, offer my  loyal readers of this column a free frappe! No, not from Starbucks…try, McDonald’s! iwantfrieswiththat.com. Hurry, offer expires Pearl Harbor Day (that’s Dec. 7 for you Gen. Yers). Gettin’ back off track…did you see this week’s Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin in a running suit? Talk about false advertising! Imagine spending the night with her then waking up to “Isn’t it lovely you can see Russia from my front porch?” For guys, it’s called ‘coyote syndrome’. I’ll leave it at that. A morbidly obese SC man died after sitting in a recliner for 8 months, despite warnings from health care workers not to sit there. He was found physically stuck to the recliner and died a few hours later covered with body sores and “a very bad odor.” Not an odd news fact if you are a Seahawks, Huskies or Cougars football fan. Speaking of the economy, while US Postal Service administrators revel in all-expenses paid conventions, Santa’s “elves” have been laid off, so to speak. They are not eligible for unemployment benefits so they filed a complaint that they are being “shortchanged.” …one clap from my audience. thanks.

Darby English, a Seattle nate, started as a ‘garagiste’ in West Seattle and quickly grew into his current location in the Woodinville warehouse district, affectionately known by me as WNAP (Woodinville North Amusement Park for the 21+ bracket). And, despite his apparent good looks (as noted by Wine Muse), Darby does make some phreakin’ good wine. Darby’s wine tasting space could use a major remodel (ladies, he needs help) but his staff was very cordial and the wines poured on my visit on a warm August day were a delicious surprise. Although Darby is known more for his syrahs, I ended up buying this winner since I had already scooped up a ‘Darkness’ syrah from Sparkman Cellars earlier. Oh, as a side note, I think everyone in Woodinville and their mother is offering a Boushey Vineyard syrah this season…not that that’s a bad thing since Boushey syrah grapes are among the best in the State. But, I digress.

Tonight’s le diner pairing included homemade beef curry, not Panang, not Thai, not name-your-exotic-Asian-country curry, just simple S&B boxed curry. Of course, I threw in some kimchi from H Mart and flung it all over rice. An odd derivative to mac-n-cheese. Not a great match, but good enough. I was actually surprised by it’s “left bank-ness” as its 2006 version was more driven by its background varietals. The “waft” gave me an impression of a Mark Ryan cannon blaster, which I refer to as “Woodinville warehouse terroir.” There’s something about a really nice, deep purple stain on the cork upon opening that hints to me there’s something special in the bottle.

Color: truth in labeling…deep purple. Nose: you know, I wonder what the dimwits on cellartracker have been smoking before they tasted this. Big whiff of purple flowers on freshly tilled soil, aromatic red roses. Mouthfeel: airy for a middleweight. Tail trail: 5 seconds.

Alcohol: 14.6%. 70% cabernet, 18% cab franc, 12% malbec. Website needs a lot of help, ladies. Columbia ValleyAVA. Rated: 91. Value: $25. Paid: $20. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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