DeLille Cellars 2007 D2 red wine

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on November 3, 2009:

Not a good week for the female species. Two Pennsylvania women held signs outside a courthouse stating they stole a Wal Mart gift card from a 9 year-old in order to avoid jail time. I’m speechless on this one…look at the picture! An Ohio woman thinks she may have lost her wedding ring when she was giving out treats on Halloween. Some lucky kid got one heck of a treat when he cashes it in at the local pawn shop. And a Wisconsin woman reported herself as a druken driver in a 911 call. Some days, I am just hunky dunky glad I am a guy…

Onto one of my favorite party spots…DeLille Cellars! One of only two “true” chateaus in Woodinville (the other belongs to Chateau Ste. Michelle), although Columbia Winery could also qualify, the parties thrown at this enclave are the stuff of legend. The main floor sparkles with exotic appetizers of cheeses of the world along with delicate breads and crackers. To the left is the chalkboard illustrating the latest releases just above the entrance to the offices. The walls are coated with glittering recommendations and high ratings from all the big media publications and, most notably, the three letters from the White House showing appreciation of the 2006 Chaleur Estate Blanc (rated 89 by Wine Spectator…who says u can’t love an 89? who? who? who?) being served at their honored dinners. There’s the intimate fireplace where musicians tend to perform during parties. Next, to the right is the serving bar and next to that is the entrance to the tent zone for more open-air tastings. The garden off to the side has a creek running through some eye-catching flowers and the views are of the plateau. The back area is a larger walking garden with a reflecting pond and the neighboring properties are homes to free-range goats. One of the best winery properties in Woodinville, along with JM Cellars and CSM.

There’s a lot going on with DeLille, what with their recent opening of the Carriage House (open 11-4:30pm daily) just a foxtrot up the street from the chateau. You can find winemaker Chris Upchurch making an appearance on Wednesday and Thursday (today and tomorrow) there. Also, upcoming is the Fall Release weekend, Nov. 12-15, of the 2007 vintages of D2, Aix, and syrah. Thankfully, they charge $10 + RSVP now. If you have been to previous release parties, you know how crowded they can be. Everything is first class at their parties…a very elegant ambience, very civilized.

Tonight’s bottle, I can say I earned it through ‘sweat equity’ by helping out with September’s harvest. Yes, that was me sorting through the, literally, tons of grapes that rolled by. On top of that, I also participated in the labeling/bottling of this wine earlier this year, so I have a vested interest in the presentation of this final product. I paired this with good ol’ California Pizza Kitchen Sicilian Recipe and Margherita thin crust pizzas. This wine elevated the spicy, red-sauced Sicilian far better than the white-cheesed Margherita. From the opening whiff in the glass, I knew this wine would make a princely evening out of a pauper’s dinner. So super, I thought to pair it with a scoop of Dreyer’s Slow Churned vanilla ice cream and that too, was a fun match that kind of turned out like a deep black cherry fully-creamed imitation of Olympic Mountain ice cream. You foodies should know that Olympic Mountain is thee best ice cream in the world! I will sleep with a broad smile tonight!

Color: black-purple. Nose: dark plum, purple flowers, red flowers, and a slight vanilla chaser. Mouthfeel: round, full, scrumpdillyicious. Tail trail: 7 seconds. Flavors: trademark DeLille pungency and plume, black plum, black cherry, tobacco, dark chocolate flakes, roasted almonds, medium roasted Arabica beans.

Columbia Valley AVA. 51% merlot, 40% cab sau, 7% cab franc, 2% petit verdot. Vineyards: Stillwater, Klipsun, Ciel du Cheval, Boushey, Kiona, Grand Ciel, Harrison Hill. Columbia Valley AVA (68% Red Mountain AVA). Alcohol: 14.9%. Official release: November 12. Rated: 93. Retail: $35. Value: $45. Paid: 8 hours of sweat on the sorting line. Always sells out. Always. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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