Dusted Valley Vintners 2008 Boomtown viognier

Another WAwineman suckup comedy, 1st posted on October 25, 2009:

We disrupt tonight’s regular programming for this special…ok, so it’s a slow odd-news day. Let’s kickup the tempo! I’ve satiated on viewing “Man vs. Food” tv marathon all day and, like Adam Richman says, “Who’s ready for a challenge?!”

Tonight, we turn the tables (but somehow sticking to the “odd news” concept) by blogging about…our local wine bloggers! Are you ready?? Gimme a ‘hell yeah’!

Okay, let’s go around the Puget Sound and start off with our man of the hour, Sean P. Sullivan of Washington Wine Report. When Sean’s not teaching climbing classes with the Seattle Mountaineers (or some other rock club), he’s freely spending his inheritance on either: wines bought at Pete’s in Kirkland, or taking a tour of looking at how rocks and soil will taste from eastern WA via his recent geology excursion. This man loves the earth. Do NOT look him up on Google or else you may confuse him with: a tattoo’d African-American, a big shot academic at the University of Buffalo, a photographer from Neu Yawkh, or even a Marine Corp. veteran who died in a car accident. His blog is, IMHO, the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and well-organized blog on Washington wines. An excellent variety of topics are regularly covered, his wine reviews are simple and straight-forward, and, best of all, my favorite column is his “Washington Wine Round-up”, which covers the more important stories from other websites for the week or so. Disclosure: yes, I shamelessly pleaded to him to include me in the Round-up and he graciously obliged…he mentioned something about “charity”. A hint on how to find Sean…look for a man carrying a thermometer or who has one in his wine glass. Anyway, if his blog were a wine, I’d rate it a 100/100.

Next up is Shona Milne’s Woodinville Wine Update. There could be no more truer words in that title. Shona is the pulse of Woodinville wines. She is the Ann Landers, People Magazine, Rosie the Riveter, and Joan Rivers of Woodinville wine. Through her “paid” work with the city and her constant visits to, what appears, ALL the established, up-and-coming, and coming-in wineries, her inside knowledge of the “intestines” of Woodinville’s wineries and winemakers is simply unmatched. She also has the time to schmooze at just about every event that involves a Woodinville winery and has also built a tremendous respect amongst all the wineries from the DeLilles to the Dusted Valleys. And yes, tonight’s wine was influenced by her raves on Twitter, right down to even purchasing the bottle at her favorite wine-hole, Village Wines. Her blog is considered essential reading for anyone wishing to visit a Woodinville winery, by getting to know the who and the what of nearly every winery there.

Write for Wine is an emerging star, and lucky, for the “fine wines of Washington State” as well as occasional toots to our neighbors and the rest of the world. Margot Savell is a longtime real journalist from Canada who wrote for “big media” outlets like CBS, ABC radio, the LA Times, etc. She caught the wine bug while writing for KOIN-TV in Portland and moved up to winer pastures (Seattle) in 1999. Margot is an executive with a PR agency and brings a veteran voice to promote our lovely Washington wines. “It’s wine o-clock somewhere” is her motto. Jolly well done, eh!

Other wineblogs worth perusing, although I have only taken a glimpse so far, are: wild-child Erin Thomas’ “A Bottle A Week“, and Kori, John, Colby and LaGayle’s WinePeeps. My apologies if I have missed other notable blogs but I just pulled these off of my handful of precious Twitter followers. Besides, I have yet to meet any of these wonderfully entertaining individuals, but I will be fixin’ that soon.

Anyway, getting back…this is a wine review (reminder).

Dusted Valley Vintners started up in 2003 by a couple of cheeseheads with Wisconsin roots. Those roots help provide the barrels that age DVV’s wines. DVV has a “wine gallery” open in Woodinville and is worth a visit, if only for its uniqueness amongst the other tasting rooms. Annual production is around 3500 cases and they specialize in Bourdeaux and Rhone grapes, although they do spot a couple of chardonnays in their lineup.

Boomtown is their “value” line with gorgeous artwork depicting a Depression-era lineup at “Seattle Ferries”. This wine tastes good enough to be a headliner in a lot of other wineries. No food pairings tonight as I wanted to taste this wine “sans amuse”. A great wine to come home to after a long work day.

Color: 14k gold. Nose: peach, pineapple, yellow flowers, mandarin orange. Mouthfeel: light and easy. Flavors: fresh apricot, white peach, a tinge of pink grapefruit. Tail trail: 3 seconds.

Columbia Valley AVA. Alcohol: 12.8%. Stelvin cap. Rated: 89. Value: $14. Paid: $16. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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