O’Reilly’s 2007 Yakima Valley riesling

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 21, 2009:

My dad would give me props, too, but he’s too busy, at the moment, working the plunger in the bathroom, if you know what I mean, Vern. Back to more odd news…the Seattle mayor’s race is becoming a bromance with McGinn making announcements for Mallahan. Those dudes need to find a side street on Capitol Hill. What is up with 3 year-old gals lately? Last week, one of them in Philly tosses a baseball back after her generous father caught it. Now, a Philo, CA gal spent the night in the woods after wandering away from her family…who were likely drinking Cali wines, so don’t blame her! Did u watch the Emmys? Neither did I. Okay, what does $4.50 buy you these days? A bottle of Two Buck Chuck and a bag of chips. One and a half gallons of gas. Or!, how about a ride on Michael Jackson’s ferris wheel! Think I’ll take the gas. The other two have an equivalent wine rating of 12.

On to better things. What else is there to say about David O’Reilly? Started in the Dundee Hills of Oregon with Owen Roe. Partnered with Peter Rosback at Sineann. Has a pride of “value” priced labels in: Sharecroppers, Northwest Vine Project, Corvidae, Red Splendor, Murphy’s Law, and O’Reilly’s. Owns Outlook Vineyard and Rattlesnake Hills Vineyard. Makes high-octane wines from DuBrul Vineyard fruit, home of the $200 bottle of cabernet. And, maker of the creepiest labels that remind me of some dusty Vincent Price movie. But, love the handprinting of the bottle number. Disclosure–I own a 2005 Owen Roe merlot, bottle number 442.

The winery itself (O’Reilly’s) was a former Carnation dairy in Sunnyside and the former location of Apex Cellars and Washington Hills winery. After the remodeling is complete, a new winery will take over, likely called Cream Winery, after the history of the area. A chateau is not in the plans at any of David’s portfolio of wines because “the wines will speak for themselves.” Here’s my beef. To be taken seriously as a destination uber-premium winery, a “chateau” of sorts, meaning a high-quality abode which oozes “high class” ambience, is de rigeur in my book. Heck, that’s standard in France. What does it have to do with the wine? A lot, actually. As Master of Wine Enjoyment, I absolutely prefer the confines of a chateau while nibbling on top tier cheeses, enjoying the etiquette of my high-class acquaintances, and admiring the art and easy music within. Hey, did they ever hold a prom in a warehouse? Exactly, Guido.

Tonight’s fare determined this pick. Simple thrown yakisoba mixed with Spam, veggies, and furikake (seasoned seaweed). Asian-flavored food does best with riesling or gewurztraminer and since I recently reviewed a gewurz, I chose to balance by deduction. A very good, complementary choice. At 0.7% residual sugar, this is one of the “drier” rieslings from WA, although it’s sweet enough by my ‘buds. Much weaker than Eroica in flavor so keep this around soft-flavored foods.

Color: very light straw. Aromas: peach, honeysuckle, Granny Smith apple. Mouthfeel: bantamweight. Flavors: yellow peach, splash of grapefruit, rolled honey. Tail trail: 3 seconds.

Alcohol: 13%. 100% riesling. pH 3.16. Stainless steel fermented. Vineyards: 61% Outlook, 19% DuBrul, 12% Elerding, 8% Red Willow. Wow, big names there. Label has a sketch of what looks like an Irish terrier. Rated: 86. Value: $8. Paid: $10. Goodbye, summer of 2009. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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