Robert Ramsay Cellars 2005 syrah

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 28, 2009:

Oh, King County will be a mess in 2010 if you side with the budget of “Captain” Kirk Triplett or that of “closet Republican” Susan Hutchison. Either all human services will vanish or you’ll get a lot of talk without any proven relevant experience and end up with the same results, along with a “gone fishin’ at Crater Lake” sign hanging on her door. Tough call in the King County Executive race. Perhaps, it’s time to move to Pierce County. That Starbucks CEO that drove stock prices into the ground has resurfaced as a local supermarket’s CEO. I smell a medium-roasted bad move, part II, coming. Hey, it was a typical Seattle sports weekend…loss, loss, loss…Sounders, Huskies, and Seahawks. Good thing “crush” is in high heat in Woodinville. If you haven’t worked “crush” at one of the wineries, I feel for ya. I mean this–(1) I helped influence (in a small way) the flavors in what will be some great wines that will be released in 2011, (2) had some delicious lunches comp’d; and (3) ended up with some super duper wines as a “thank you”. And, that’s besides the fact you get to meet the people behind the scenes at wineries that do the grunt work all year-round. Highly recommended if the opportunity presents itself. Hey–it’s nice to know that I peeled off all the live bugs that would have fallen into the crusher. Makes me reconsider buying that cheap bottle of wine.
Robert Ramsay…the man, the mystery. My first exposure was visiting his tasting room/winery over at the warehouse district on a sunny Saturday afternoon. He doesn’t do a whole lot of advertising…as a matter of fact, he doesn’t do any advertising, as far as I’ve seen. Just a sandwich board off of 144th Ave NE with all the other wineries. And Robert only does one syrah at this time. Talk about a high-roller… Visit his tasting room and he’ll likely pour you a glass (refundable tasting fee). What I noticed is he’s a likeable chap. The ‘silver fox’ has a smooth smile and loves to talk about his wine. And, ohhhh what a wine! Deeply extracted, the definition of opaque, and flavor-dense. My glass has glaucoma. Think I’ve found the sentinel bottle for uber-premium syrah from this state. Just a curious question to Robert…dude, was that you on Sawtooth Winery’s (Idaho) “Ramsay” syrah?
Horse Heaven Hills AVA. Vineyards: McKinley Springs and Alder Ridge. 124 cases. 5% viognier (Cote Rotie, or northern Rhone style). Alcohol: 14.4%. 40% new French oak. 25.8 brix. Nose: diffuse black plum, blueberries, black currants, dark purple flowers. Mouthfeel: middleweight thick. Tail trail: 5 seconds. Flavors: plumilicious, white pepper, dark chocolate powder, and ending with some grippy tannin. Rated: 91. Value: $35. Paid: $35. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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