Senoj Estates 2008 Montesano Cellars Dyslexia white wine

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on October 4, 2009:

Oh Oregon. OR’s Court of Appeals ruled for a suspected drunken driver’s case that his consent to a blood test was “coerced.” Meanwhile, that state changed it’s motto to “If you get run over by a drunk driver, we cannot prosecute.” There goes my plans to visit Dundee Hills next year. And over in Jackson County, both Phoenix and Sutherlin high school’s football teams lost to that 97-gene weakling…the flu virus.

Today’s wine pick was quite a simple one, really. I was on my second tour of visiting the more-obscure tasting rooms in the Woodinville warehouse cluster and Senoj Estates was actually a target of mine due to the then-swirling rumors that hovered over this winery. Senoj winemaker, Jeff Jones (hint: spell his last name in reverse to get the link), runs this approximately 1000 cases/year winery and offering a current lineup of eight bottlings over four vintages. The winery’s current location is the only one I know of with two “grand openings”. The winery debuted in May, 2008, closed for a time in spring, 2009, then re-opened in August with an adjoining Wine Thirty Lounge area full of “Dave & Busters” goodies like a 120-inch LCD tv, ping pong table, dart board, and cocktail tables. I wouldn’t be surprised if they held full-court basketball games in that expanse they call a “lounge.”

My estimate is that Senoj Estates is the only winery in the area offering the varietal, Primitivo, as a bottling. And what of “Montesano Cellars”? Again, my estimate is that it is Senoj Estates’ second label. In my tasting flight, Dyslexia was the best “value” for the cash.
“Perfect for a hot summer day…” Well, it’s not summer and it’s not hot out there, so under these sub-optimal conditions, I test-run this white-blend to find its true colors. What I found was, this is a wine best-suited to a tasting room. Lots of idle conversation, around lots of new people, and wishing I was playing ping pong in that lounge…

Color: not an insult, but call it…first pee of the day. Nose: pink bubble gum. Mouthfeel: light syrup. Tail trail: 1 second. Flavors: orange peach, pear extract, drop of apricot, dash of apple.

Columbia Valley AVA. 71% chardonnay, 17% muscat, 12% chenin blanc. 117 cases. Alcohol: 13%. Produced and bottled by Senoj Estates. Zork screwcap. Rated: 77. Value: $5. Paid: $12. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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