Archery Summit 2006 Renegade Ridge Estate pinot noir

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on July 5, 2008:

What compels a human being to rig his lawn chair with 150 helium-filled balloons and “fly” across the Walla Walla AVA to Idaho? Guess he really wanted out of Ory-gun in the worst, “red-neck” way. Ten years ago, I would, too, but the pinot is just too dern good.

So, a bit of disclosure here…yes I am on the A-List for this winery so consider this review biased but this is the reason why pinot noir is my all-time current favorite grape. And thankfully, I got in before they hermetically sealed the membership list, so I have access to these single vineyard jewels that are not released to the public. This is why a Joe joins a wine club and vice-versa, a winery sets up a wine club. The winery is guaranteed a buyer and the buyers have access to some hidden discoveries not to be found anywhere else. So, my advice to you WA wine lovers is to get in on a wine club while there’s still an opening. And relax, I had to wait a month to get initiated into this winery’s club…and it was definitely worth it.

Tonight’s 3-day weekend gastro-bomb partook in grilled Korean short ribs (kal-bi) along with grilled hot dogs, grilled asparagus, grilled broccoli, and grilled portobello. Did I mention I did some grilling? ‘Tis the season, baby. Hope you had some grilled sustenance as it’s your patriotic duty to do so. Well, what a suprise as I pulled the cork and the bottom showed a light stain (normally, not a good sign). So, I started thinking diluted taste.

Wrong answer. In the glass, the aromas displayed an abundant bouquet and the taste supported a balanced but not overpowering sensation of fruit and oak. No Sherman’s March on the trail, even at the high alcohol content. A superb choice with grilled faire.

Alcohol: 14.2%. Hand-picked over 11 days and fermented in stainless and oak for 10 months. Clones: Pommard 114- 777 and 667, and Pommard. Unfined, unfiltered. Willamette Valley AVA.

Nose: raspberries, strawberries and cherries. Color: translucent, cherry jello still hot. Mouthfeel: fireside chat with FDR. Tail trail: 9 seconds of intimacy. Flavors: raspberries, rained-on cement, blackberries and a twist of licorice.

Rated: 92. Value: $60. Paid: $68. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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