Arlington Road Cellars 2006 Imperium riesling

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on June 17, 2008:

Sonics 1, Seattle 0. One thing about that Clay dude, he found some mean lawyers who are out to embarrass the city. No mercy in his victory. Was that my house floating on Lake Washington this evening? The Mariners are so astute at losing, they just lost their pathetic GM, too. Cheers to Edith Macefield, a true Seattleite spirit who refused to sell her micro-home of a cottage in Ballard to developers even at over 7 times its real worth. Would you refuse an offer like that? I know I wouldn’t but ask me that about my childhood home and I’m right with her, so I know where she was coming from. She passed away Sunday at the youthful age of 86. Once you sell your memories, you’ve lost a piece of your soul–quote from a packrat. And, if you’re in the Vancouver area, please go to the city’s lost and found and pick up my right foot. You have four chances to pick the correct one. I lost it while chipping halibut in the Gulf Islands.
Another sultry souvenir from my trek into Woodinville North amusement park. Robin Rutz hosted my tasting and provided insight into her winery. For starters, she doesn’t know much about winemaking like her peers; however, her hired gun, Matt Loso, would be more than happy to provide the education that few have. She does have an accounting background and loads of enthusiasm for what she does. And she has a very clean barrel room. After having tasted at least 30 different wines, she found the taste she wanted and good ol’ Matt the Maniac delivered on her request. Now, whatever field you are in, if you can deliver a custom order as complex as a specific wine flavor, I’d have to say you are a genius-candidate in my book. That, or a mad scientist. But, I digress.
Tonight’s lesser half turned out mixed results. For starters, I had the rainbow roll from Village Sushi in the U-District and they danced like a star, very good. Cuts of tuna, shrimp and other fish coated the roll of rice with a center of shredded shrimp and mayonnaise. All dipped in a zingy wasabi and shoyu (soy sauce) dip. Then, it wavered downhill on reheated Panda Express. The broccoli beef barely held up any flavors and the orange chicken was simply battered chicken. The fried rice tasted like the Mariners. Enough said. But, the wine held up with strong fruity flavors. Meal salvaged.
Alcohol: 13.9%. Single vineyard. Founded 2002. Robin has the ‘it’ factor common in all WA winemakers I have met so far…an uncompromising passion for wine. Charbonneau Vineyard. Columbia Valley AVA.
Nose: giant melons and pears. Color: icy gold (pale straw). Mouthfeel: wavy water. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: apricot, pear, green melon. Off-dry (semi-sweet). Rated: 85. Value: $20. Paid: $20. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.
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