Avery Lane NV red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on March 26, 2008:

What better to celebrate a fun day at work (oxymoron?) than to risk a dinner on $4 wine?…well, actually $3.99. While roaming the QFC on Rainier, I noticed an eye-catching end-of-the-aisle display and looked over the selection of WA wines. The label for this one caught my eye as well as the price (“regular” price was $9.99). The cab sau version cost a whopping 100 cents more but had a more deeply colored portrait of the same scenery. Debate, debate. Okay, I’m a red blend kinda guy (and I can’t drink the label) as well as a deal-hunter so Red Blend it was. I’ve had previous success with Washington Hills and it’s $6 NV ‘Rainier Red’ so what the heck? I was only apprehensive due to the “it’s only a buck over two.ninety-nine buck Chuck” stigma, but that’s a Cali wine.
So, with nothing to lose other than to Chuck, I paired it with soy sauce-marinated barbecued chicken from L&L Barbecue. Well golll-leeee as the Gomer would say, what a pleasant surprise of substance in this wine. Good strong nose of dark fruit. Mouthfeel: light flow but moderate body. Tail trail of 2 seconds but lacking complexity of flavors other than a good dose of blackberries and raspberries with a subtle spice tweak. And it handled the strong barbecue flavor plus the soy sauce quite admirably. All this from a $4 wine??? Hello. I’m sold. This is my candidate to represent WA as not only a decent wine but one of outstanding value in the sub-premium category, although I think ALL WA wines should be considered premium, in my book. Well done, Precept Brands.
Alcohol: 13.5%. Columbia Valley AVA.  60% merlot, 25% cab sau, 10% syrah, 5% cab franc. pH 3.67. Available in a box. Synthetic cork but it ‘pops’ out quickly and there’s a fortuitous clue on the wine-side of the cork…dark purple color. Defines ‘medium-bodied’ wine, even at $4.  C’mon winchatr-ites, I dare you to try this wine. Submit a $4 entry fee and if you disagree with me…you’ll win the cost of the wine!…up to $3.99. Wine Press Northwest–“Best Buy” and “Outstanding”.
Value: $14.99. Paid: $4. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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