Beresan Winery 2005 Stone River red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on April 7, 2008:

Another big game night (congrats to Kansas on a classic game), but I’m a meat and rice dude and I want my ‘hossen-pffef-fer’! Tonight’s chef’s course laid out some Korean specialties in meat jun (thin slices of beef covered in a batter of eggs and stuff) and fried, along with that Korean staple…kim chee. So, the real match here is the spice and beef and fermented veggies. Oh yeah, this will take a substantial wine to stand up to this meal. Think about it, how many wines can stand up to some serious heat? With that obstacle, I made sure that some syrah was de rigeur in this pairing.

Beresan…seems that name has been around awhile; yet the Walla-squared winery was founded in 2003 by Tom Waliser and named after a Ukrainian region. Tom is the manager of my two favorite Walla2 AVA vineyards…Pepper Bridge and Seven Hills (think L’Ecole, folks). In 1997-’98, he planted his own vineyards (Waliser and Yellow Jacket) on former riverbed real estate, which make up the origin of most of this blend. Think Cayuse, folks.
Well, to say this was a luscious bottle is just the beginning of this discovery. Deep, dark red-black in color, along with a substantial nose of black and red fruits, this glass held up to the soft, protective layer of fried egg surrounding the soy sauce-marinated slice of moo, evoking a harmony of violins and concertos. Then, like a Tchaikovsky, a swift belt by the entrance of heat-packed kim chee elevated the playing field where the wine rose to the occasion and laid a smackdown, ala Mayweather brass knuckles (dash of Wrestlemania), and comforted the agitated and inferno’d taste buds. …whaaa??? Yeah, hey, it was good dudes and dudettes. Like Elton J., Mister John if you’re nasty, says…”I’m still standing, better than I ever been…” Good match for a Palooka-tough meal.

Alcohol: 14.1%. Winemaker: Thomas Glase. Aged: 21 months in 35% new French oak and 5 months in bottle. 35% cab sau, 25% syrah, 25% merlot, and 15% cab franc. Brix: 24.2. Total acidity: 0.62 grams/100ml. Vineyards: Yellow Jacket (49%), Waliser (41%), and Pepper Bridge (10%). Harvest dates: Sept 8 thru Oct 28.

Essences of black fruits and, believe it or not…li hing mui (pickled and salted plum…Chinese style). Yeah, here’s the first review to call on li hing mui…forget cassis and pencil lead and the like…, take that RP and PG! (such a legend in his own mind).

Rated: 90. Value: $30.

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