Betz Family Winery 2005 Le Parrain red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on March 3, 2008:

An $85 WA Bourdeaux blend…how preposterous, you say! Me too. That’s why I had to get some. Within an hour after I got my notice, I bought the limit of 6 bottles. Heck, when Bob Betz, Master of Wine and the EF Hutton of WA wine, states he had six outstanding barrels good enough to be ‘reserve style’, that’s like being told the winning lottery numbers. Think about it…six barrels. That’s no more than 1800 bottles…150 cases. In all the universe. RP-rated at 96. The story behind this is the cabernet franc. Bob thought he had his finest-ever cab franc and didn’t want to waste it as a filler for his other outstanding blends. Smart decision. I sampled all three of his master blends at Saturday’s release party and my intuition paid off. This one was the best of the best. Betz Family Winery is only open two weekends of the year, just past the golf range on Hwy 202. Let me just say this, even if Bob’s wine was just decent, I’d still go visit the winery just to see his two gorgeous daughters. Of course, I’d be scared straight after seeing his toolshed of strange looking instruments, none of which I’d like to be impaled with. But I digress.
I’m holding the carcass of bottle number 1 in my collection, a day after unveiling it to my world of…leftover HanKang wang kalbi, hairstylist-homemade kimchi, and DiGiorno’s Thin Crust Supreme frozen pizza. I even had Kirkland Signature roasted peanuts for dessert with this baby. Matches were all good. Surprisingly, the kimchi (mild) was the best pairing. But the best pairing of the night was, no question, with the 2006 vintage of Olivia Newton-John with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert dvd on my Elite 50 inch plasma tv. Two virtuosos in synergy. “Have You Never Been Mellow?” meets “I Define Extravagant Mellow.” “Summer Nights” tangos with “Winter Warmth”. “Hopelessly Devoted To You” duets with “Hedonistically Devoted To You.” Okay, enough.
My only wish is that more winechatr-ers could experience what I think will be the best WA Bourdeaux-blend to be released from the stellar 2005 harvest. I will likely donate one bottle to a local charity auction later this year so keep your eyes peeled.
Alcohol: 14.5%. 50% cab sau, 33% merlot, 17% cab franc. AVAs: Red Mountain, Horse Heaven Hills, and Yakima Valley. Long sold out so don’t bother looking for it.
Aroma: moderate and complex essences of many black fruits. Color: black-border red. Mouthfeel: juicy, juicy, juicy. Tail trail: more than 7 seconds and keeps getting stronger with a chameleon of dark fruits. This is pure ecstacy and still hard to imagine this came from WA fruit. Likely best mated with USDA Prime grilled ribeye with a side of freshly-shaved horseradish. Or chateaubriand.
Rated: 100. Value: $150. Paid: $85.  This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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