Charles Shaw 2005 California cabernet sauvignon

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on March 3, 2008:

The original Two Buck Chuck! Omigod, yes there really is another wine called that, hence I had to claim this as the original. I opened this bottle along with a Betz 2005 ‘Le Parrain’ ($85/bottle) and did a blindfold taste test.
Even with my uneducated taste buds, it was pretty darn clear which one was worth about $0.50 in the glass versus $17/glass ($34/glass retail). Aroma was of a weak fruit candy. Color was a diluted red. Mouthfeel…what mouthfeel? Tail of 1/4 second (charity) with a light taste of strawberry and some artificial sweetness like added refined sugar, even though it is considered ‘dry’. At least they used a cork but the residual color left on the cork, compared to the deep purple of ‘Le Parrain’, was a very light pink/red and only in the crevices of the cork. A true, good value plonk wine.
Alcohol: 12.5%. Cases: bu-ku. Bottled at Napa Ridge in Napa with grapes trucked in from the state. There really is a Charles Shaw out there, likely back in Chicago in investment banking after going bankrupt trying to make a Beaujolais-style (gamay) wine in Napa. Sold the name to Fred Franzia’s Bronco Wine Company. Made with less than $1/gallon juice from 35,000 acres of California vineyards. Trader Joe’s ‘house’ brand. Believe it or not, this wine is in ‘demand’ in states where there are no Trader Joe’s. Get this–10 million cases produced overall since 2001(includes merlot and chardonnay). Call this one a ‘reverse cult wine’. So, like why am I the first one to rate this?? Rated: 55. Paid: $2.99. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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