Charles Smith Wines 2007 Kung Fu Girl riesling

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on August 27, 2008:

Couldn’t use the $20 off coupon from Facebook for this wine…thought I could get this buggar free and some change. Oh well. Howie the coffee-boy announced a “pay freeze” for his inner-circle. Poor guy only made $10.6 mil last year. Times are tough in the Madison Valley, but he’ll figure a way simply cuz he’s the Howie-zer. More animal-hate news from Oregon where two hicks are accused of bludgeoning four helpless puppies stolen from a shelter. Must be the lack of good merlot grown there. And the WAwineman called this…bus fares proposed to go up each of the next two years. Call me Merlot the Magician! or Syrah the Soothsayer, or…okay, moving on.

Anything advertised with the words “Kung Fu” automatically bristles me, thanks to Carl Douglas’s mid-70’s hit (of which I did buy the 45), but when oeno Charles Smith slaps it onto his riesling next to a neutral drawing of a dark-haired (I would guess) girl (missing her eyes, nose, arms and torso), I just had to buy this one off the rack at QFC. I’m not a big riesling fan simply due to my opinion that it kinda tastes like a cross between chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Yes yes yes, I know WA is all about riesling thanks to the great production from CSM but that’s also why I would prefer the “other grapes” made in this great State. It’s that underdog mentality, I think. Or, faux-sophistication. Whatever.

So, was this KungFu-thing a gimmick? Let’s find out. Paired this with some gamey leftovers of fried trout, rice, four kinds of kim chee, and chicken in light gravy. A terrific match with white meat so the trout and chicken, which both came from Kirirom (a Cambodian eatery), really danced like stars. The subtle flavors of white meat allowed the tartness and citrus to stand out in the wine. This riesling has some body to it so it also handled itself against the spicy crunch of fermented turnips, garlic string, napa cabbage, and radish (all from Central Market). The back label displays a bowl of rice so this kinda gives the drinker a strong hint that this pairs well with Asian food. I got it.

Nose: peach, pear. Color: light gold. Off-dry. Mouthfeel: Acura on I-5. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: peach, Asian pear, apricot nectar, lime citrus.

Alcohol: 12.5%. Evergreen Vineyard. Stelvin cap. Rated: 87. Value: $15. Paid: $12. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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