Columbia Winery 2005 gewurztraminer

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on January 25, 2008:

Okay, so after reading Paul Gregutt’s ‘Top 100’ for 2006, who didn’t notice that sitting at number 8 was a bizarre sounding wine that cost only 12 bucks amongst all the heavy hitters where the top 20 averaged $48.25 per spot. Like a lemming, I rushed out THAT NIGHT to the nearest upscale supermarket (QFC Mukilteo) and bought not one, but THREE bottles. If that wasn’t satisfying enough, I then drove to the QFC at MLT and bought THREE more, although this time, I noticed this vintage had two different labels: the old style with a picture of the winery, and the new style with the weather vane on top of the crown of the winery. In Japan, I’d be called a “wine mi-ha”.
I drank the last of them in December. What I can say is it was a delightful starter that even my white-zinfandel father appreciated over the other rieslings and sau blancs he drank on that trip. A flowery and fruity nose followed by a robust, citrusy mouthfeel. A healthy light yellow in color. Best match was with Asian food, from Talay Thai’s pahd thai to T&T’s chow mein. I’m no white-wine kinda guy but this was one I could tote to impress anyone about Washington wines. I found no difference between the different labeled bottles. Alcohol: 11.0%. And best of all, it was $3 off at the market. Score!
Why this was above $100 Leonetti Reserve (#18) and even the Buty 2005 Connor Lee Vineyard chardonnay (#23), which I tried and found to be my favorite Washington chard, just barely surpassing the quality of the Dunham ‘Shirley Mays’ chard, I will never know. To each his own. And thus was born the idea that I will put out my own Top whatever-number later this year. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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