Cuillin Hills 2006 The Dungeon syrah

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on June 19, 2008:

Sonics 2, Seattle 2. Sure do love those flattering pictures of Clay (“man possessed”) in the paper. His eyes remind me of a gecko I once smashed against a window. I’d love to fight him in the cage for possession of the Sonics. This “green” thing has gone too far when a violin teacher gets sentenced to 6 years. This “entitlement” generation will kill USA supremacy in my lifetime. I had to “release” a few entitlement generation nimrods from my company simply because they do not understand “work first, keep quiet” when they were hired. It’s a little eye-slanting when I spend over $1000 over three months just to pay for lunch and there’s no ‘thank you’ or any other form of gratitude other than the feeling that “I expect nothing less” coming from their posture. Hey, they must have graudated from F.U. And just where did the House of Reps get $162 billyun to continue funding the misdirected invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? That is a wtf candidate. This, on the prediction that our great state will take a $167 millyun reduction in revenue over the next 3 years. And, some local yocal decided to stuff an animal paw and some dried seaweed into a shoe in honor of my last column and airmail it into the Strait of Georgia to be the sixth foot discovered in B.C. waters recently. I still want my right foot back and don’t make fun of me!!! Ahhhhh!. BUT,…I digress.
Tonights….damm…tonight’s berso…TONIGHT’S VERSION of duo on the dinner table includes homemade chili, Spam, and Dahlia Bakery’s olive ciabatta bread swiped from today’s grand opening of Kress IGA Supermarket on 3rd and Pike. As much as I love Spam (no joke), I must say that Spam is still searching for a decent pairing with any wine. I’d take Spam over almost any cut of meat except: USDA Prime, ribeye, chateaubriand, and BallPark DeliMaster beef franks. Surprisingly, the bread matched up with this wine. I mean, how often do you get a live Kalamata olive in your slice? This “no parking” supermarket will stand out just for its supply of fresh bread from nearby bakeries. Plus, the selections from Chocolati are suh-suh-superb. Their wine section does need some serious help. Anywayz, gettin’ back, the chili held up its own against this dandy wine. However, I think this wine holds up best when on its own. This qualifies, barely, as a ‘meal in a bottle’-type of wine.
Alcohol: 14.7% (phreakin’ A!). Vineyard: Snipes Canyon Ranch, Wahluke Slope and Sagemoor Weinbau. 45% new American and 55% once-used French oak. Syrah 94%, grenache 6%. Unfined and unfiltered. Oenologist: Derek DesVoigne. Released: 3-29-08. 176 cases. Aged: 16 months.
Nose: red and black berries…and buzz. Color: deep purple to black. Mouthfeel: blackberry pancake syrup. Tail trail: strong-9 seconds then easing but not disappearing. Big wine, able to stand on its own. Alcohol level is likely in the neighborhood of packs a pucnh! Yeah, a punch, bayby
Rated: 82. Value: $30. Paid: $29. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.
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