Des Voignes Cellars 2005 The Emcee merlot

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on May 1, 2008:

Des Voigne, Des Voigne, Des Voigne…that’s all I see on this website! Well, duh, they’re a sponsor, so be nice…Des Voigne Cellars! It’s peachy!
Okay, so I’m not a candidate to promote their wines, but I bought one anyway and I’m honoring it by making this my first merlot for the month of May. Ahhh, May is definitely for merlot lovers. Warm, sunny weather, getting into arguments with management, and fresh sushi. Like big John McCarthy says, “Let’s geet it on, c’mon!”
DVC…what can I say about these guys and gals? Hey Darren…missed ya on Swing Blade movie, or is that your imposter? And your family tree is lacking a few stems, but damm you got some good wine, buddy. Tuscan-styled so I think I should have waited for the sangio but this was all they had at deVine Wines (which, btw, is NOT on your “where to buy” list…I’m so hurt!). Gorgeous art-deco label of a tuxed-up brother holding the old Shure Unidyne microphone as he introduces the band silhouetted behind the curtain (trumpeteer and drummer). A great looking poster in the style of the ’30s. Old-time jazz meets Gen-X wine lovers.
Tonight’s not-so-secret buffet included miso-butterfish, leftover mochiko chicken, country-style oden, turnip kimchi, and boiled peanuts. The umame sensation was in full effect here. I’d say the Emcee did well since it is not a jammy, plummy fruit forward wine so it weaved it’s way through the food without upstaging it. It is quite a bit hot but not distracting. Definitely a bit tannic on the tail. So, this is Italian-style merlot, eh? Good intro.
So Darren, please explain the jazzy 30’s theme. Is that what you listened to growing up? And tie that in to your Tuscan influence. Old-time American jazz meets Pescatore or Pagliacci or Mussolini…whatever. I actually can imagine having this wine while listening to Louis Armstrong on the Gramophone. What a wonderful world.
Alcohol: 14.5%. Label art by Johanna Kriesel (Berkeley-born, a Duck, now drying out in So. Cal). 98 cases made, 12 remaining.  Merlot 96% (Horse Heaven Hills), cab sau 4% (Walla Walla). Color: a 30’s kind of red-purple.
Nose: moderate black cherry. Mouthfeel: Bear Creek flow. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: aside from the heat…blackberries, black cherry, and tannins.  Rated 89 WE.
Value: $29. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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