Efeste 2005 Ceidleigh syrah

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on October 13, 2008:

Windows 7 in development, eh? Let’s see…1.x, 2.x, 3.x, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista. Shouldn’t that be 8? Guess that’s not one of the binary numbers so they wouldn’t know. Some dude “donated” his silver BMW into Lake WA this evening. I’d do the same thing if I was going home to a dinner served with non-WA wine. I can save WaMu as their chief turnaround officer at half the price of $695/hour by introducing me-self to the staff, then as they walk away, I offer free WA wines at our meetings, and sure enough, they’ll all ‘turnaround’. It can happen… And finally, the WAwineman can now officially blame the artificial coloring in the doughnut sprinkles and bottled water he consumed on a weekly basis while growing up as the source of his hyperactive wine drinking. At least the makers of Ritalin were happy.

Tread carefully over tonight’s pronunciations from this winery. Efeste (F-S-T) is an acronym on the owner’s last names (Ferelli, Smith, and Taylor). Ceidleigh (pronounced Kay-Lee) is Gaelic for celebration. Smooth (pronounced “smooth”) is the WAwineman’s term to describe this delectable syrah. What caught my eye was the name of the consulting winemaker…Chris Upchurch (of DeLille Cellars). I could get a syrah made with DeLille’s influence for $35? Oh yeah, I’m there, hoss. Of course, it helped that the Efeste winemaker, Brennon Leighton, had auto’d the bottle and the bottle label had an unusual hieroglyph of a person falling headfirst–which reminded me of myself after one too many glasses from a second-floor deck. This winery will officially open its doors this Saturday, which you can also sample their sau blanc and ‘Final Final’ cab/syrah blend. That, and free pizza and cheese. Yeah, I’ll see you there!

Tonight’s great depression challenge was a simple bowl of homemade chili on rice. And, wouldn’t you know it, the spices in the chili matched expectedly well with the concentrated goodness from this bottle. Hey, if I could afford a steak in these times, then a blackened porterhouse would be my ideal match with this. But, in honor of the WaMu white collars who kinda forced this decision upon this humble scriber, I must say I did a good job of pairing.

Nose: blackberries galore, straw- and raspberries, earthy. Color: elegant, deep red. Mouthfeel: silky and decadent. Tail trail: 6 seconds. Flavors: black plum, red plum, orange zest, black licorice. No heat, no peppers.

Columbia Valley AVA. Alcohol: 14.5%. Pure syrah. No less than 25 year-old vines. 40% Sagemoor, 40% Kiona Old Block, and 20% Kiona New Block. 30% new French (Saury, Demptos, Suegin Moreau). Aged 19 months with all malolactic. Rated: 91. Value: $40. Paid: $35. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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