Eliseo Silva 2005 merlot

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 6, 2009:

The Preston Shaffer Flour Mill in Waitsburg burned to ashes last night so now it’s Paul Gregutt’s home that becomes the town’s reason for existence! There could have been over 100 arrests for lewd conduct in Spanaway Lake Park if only the police had more manpower. Well, the Puget Sound is known for “environmentalists”. The owner of a pack of dogs, who didn’t have time to fix his fence, ended up euthanizing them when the dogs attacked and killed the neighbor’s horses. This is why you shoot new neighbors who don’t want to fit in. Just kidding, folks. The Bravern is opening this weekend…can’t wait to spend $4000 on a Chanel purse in this economy. And, give a hoot to Ichiro’s 2000th hit in America. Folks, go and watch a sure Hall O’ Famer in his prime at Safeco. And, enjoy those classic M’s commercials if you were lucky enough to get those two dvds.

Tonight’s jug was actually unintentional as I was looking forward to a surprise that I will now keep for next time. I bought this bottle from Central Market for several reasons: (1) good price–$10; (2) it’s a merlot…WA merlots are a nicely kept secret; (3) a wine that is dedicated to the super hard work of the winery’s vineyard manager is a wine I will buy; and (4) everyone knows 2005 was a delicious year for reds so to get one under $10 is a steal.

Eliseo, aka “Lee”, arrived in WA at the tender age of 14 and was one of only twenty kids in his family. Imagine what dinnertime looked like. And better yet, imagine Eliseo’s mom likely has ‘frequent flier’ status at the local hospital. Whatever the case, Eliseo picked up some serious seniority while working in the Alice and Arete Vineyards of Tagaris Winery. It’s only a matter of time before these hard-working, loyal Mexican ex-pats end up running the show and making some great wine, which I look forward to endorsing. Winemaker Michael Taggares founded the parent Tagaris Winery back in ’87 and has Greek winemaking in his blood. No kidding, Michael’s family has a millenium history of winemaking back in Tholo, Greece. And, if you’ve watched “No Reservations” in Greece, you know that running a vineyard there is no easy task, what with the harsh terroir and active volcanoes to contend with.

Tonight’s munchies featured Beecher’s Smoked Flagship cheese, Fred Meyer 10-for-$4 corn on the cob, and QFC-style Korean kalbi. Awesome, all around. Color: deep, opaque black-red. Nose: heat, Salonpas, black cherries. Mouthfeel: warm. Tail trail: 3 seconds. Flavors: blackberries, vapor, dark plum, licorice, dark chocolate.

Arete Vineyard. 95% merlot, 5% cab sau. Columbia Valley AVA. Alcohol: 13.5%. 1800 cases. Total acids: 0.59. Unfiltered. Stelvin cap. Rated: 87. Value: $11. Paid: $10. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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