Fidelitas Wines 2006 m100 White wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on May 5, 2008:

Seattle’s finally heating up. Did you read where the city expects over 800,000 cruise ship passengers this season?! Carr-razy, mon. Cruising’s the way to go for a peaceful one-unpack vacation. I’ve done three Alaska tours and one Caribbean rounder and it’s a quick hit and run at most stops, but I wouldn’t even be staying at these places long on a traditional tour so what the hey! Plus, it’s a good chance to be a ‘good American’ to the foreign staff. And the food on the upscale cruise lines really does warrant a Michelin rating. And it’s all-you-can-eat, too. Okay, I’ve gone way off course…you think?!
Fine white wine and a warm springtime in a city that’s finally thawing out is a super duper combo. Segway to m100 White Wine. Although Charlie Hoppes, ex-Boeing flight test engineer, emphasizes reds in his camp, his credentials (Canoe Ridge Estate while under Mike Januik in the ’90s, and Three Rivers) are impressive enough to earn him a solid reputation in WA-land. He opened his new tasting room on Red Mountain next to his 5-acre parcel. Red Mountain will be the Las Vegas for PacNW winos, I’m calling it.
So, I’ve chosen this wine particularly because it really hasn’t garnered any bling awards. A consistent winery is only as good as its weakest product. Think L’Ecole No. 41…no super stunners, but no dead weights either…just consistently good products at a reasonable price along their extensive lineup.
First impression…the bottle. Beautiful, simple label design printed right onto the glass and incorporates the light gold color of the wine as an effective background. School colors: black and gold. I let this follow a dinner of steak and onions…kind of an after-dinner appetizer. A nose of fragrant pink and white flowers. In the mouth, light and airy. Flavors of Granny Smith and Bartletts with a crisp citrus acid. A tail trail of 3 seconds. This is the kind of wine that harkens me back to my romp through the tulips and cherry blossoms of yestermonth, but under warmer weather. Nothing overpowering here, just light and elegant and fragile. Perfect for spring.
Alcohol: 13.4%. 1000 cases. Aged 7 months sur-lie in pre-owned French oak. Vineyards: Gamache, Stillwater Creek, Rosebud, and Milbrandt Evergreen. Composition: Grandma Mary-style. Founded 2000. “Faithful, loyal, and true” to Columbia Valley terroir.
Value: $16. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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