Getting a Class 12 permit in Washington (to pour wine to the public)

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on January 27, 2008:

Ever wanted to know what a class 12 permit is and how to get one? A class 12 permit in WA allows the person (21+) to serve alcohol in establishments and is required, in my interests, to pour wine at events. Classes fill up fast. Took me over a year of trying to get lucky and signup quickly. This one was held at the Columbia Winery ($35). Sign in, then watch an 80-minute video that covers seven short topics regarding the laws and violations. A machine-graded, multiple choice 40 question test is administered after, and that was it. No discussions. Strange. Some of the questions were on topics the video didn’t cover so it was best guess. What was covered? In a nutshell, treat the permit like a driver’s license (valid 5 years), know basic equivalents of alcoholic drinks, what factors influence alcohol absoprtion, what ends the hangover, PuBS, know stats of alcohol-related vehicle accidents, BAC, Implied Consent, 3rd Party Liability, awareness of environmental factors/events, mixing with illicit drugs, hours allowed to sell, display signs, decoding the numbers on a WA driver’s license, acceptable forms of IDs, how to spot signals of intoxication, and documentation. Test results in two weeks.
As of Thursday, February 7, I am now licensed to pour! Yieee-harrr!
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One Response to Getting a Class 12 permit in Washington (to pour wine to the public)

  1. wawineman says:

    2013 update… here’s the current list of classes available in the Puget Sound area:

    Expect to spend 3-4 hours on this and the exam (80% correct to pass) is CLOSED-BOOK. So, take notes during the class, repeat the key points to yourself, remember the numbers, and use common sense (think like a police officer). Good luck!

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