Gordon Brothers Winery 2006 sauvignon blanc

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on July 17, 2008:

I’m standing here, butt-nekkid. Well, not quite…but, at least I have your attention. Ok so is everybody on vacation or what? Why am I the only blogger posting this week? Fine, so everyone’s on vacation while I’m grinding away at my ‘second job’! So, like I’m fatigued by all the Seattle news nonsense…let’s take a walk to another community and see how they live. My choice tonight is…Honolulu! Yeah, land of paradise, Krishna beggers, red lobster tourists who should not EVER be seen in swimwear (Hawaii does have ‘indecent exposure’ laws, too), and really worse gridlock than Seattle’s. Let’s see…hmmm, SBUX is killin’ 5 stores as part of their ‘repositioning’ strategy. Dude, it’s called ‘times are tough’. My sis-in-law worked as a manager at the second-most busiest store in the state, and as a shareholder, I must lament these closings. I have to say I love SBUX cuz without it, I’d still be sleeping and…henceforth, be unemployed. Now, here’s a competitive tidbit…the State plans to cut j.v. sports in order to save a mil in the budget. Let’s hear it!…thank you to the nutless wonder who instigated that proposal. Though I never participated in j.v. team sports, it is simply ridiculous to think varsity sports would not suffer by cutting off j.v. or even intermediate sports. They must be drinking Cali wines at their meetings…

Segway to tonight’s indulgence. Picked this one fresh off the QFC shelf tonight while shopping for bottled water for my upcoming world wine tour to southern Cal next week. I’ve seen Gordon Brothers on a few wine lists elbowing for space next to ‘house wine’ or other plonk-sounding wines, so I never gave it any thought as my fondness for WA wines grew. My faux-pux. pus…whatever. Owner Jeff Gordon, not the NASCAR pretty boy, started his winery as number 20 in our great State way back in the mid-80s with the help of the legendary Walter Clore. Armed with a B.S. in Agriculture, Jeff (and city-girl-turned-wife Vicki–from Colfax–), chose to plant reds against the local’s advice to stick to riesling. Well, Jeff apparently got the last laugh and is now well-established in his family business. You know it’s a good one if his daughter joined in along with her husband. This ain’t boiled peanuts, folks. His current lineup includes the major (grape) players and even a 25th anniversary CMS blend, available only to clubbers.

Tonight’s protein-carb-fat supplement included simple fare. Reheated pork cutlet with Bulldog sauce, mixed greens with Marie’s Greek vinaigrette (excellent!), fresh local blueberries, Lay’s ‘natural’ Cheetos, and salted pistachios. Everything I threw at this wine was handled with deftness and soliloquy. The food, the timing (mid-summer), and my need for simple pleasures all combined neatly with this simple wine. Looks like I’ll finish the bottle by the end of this review…

Nose: apricots, melons and peaches. Color: tinny Champagne. Mouthfeel: silky sweetness. Tail trail: 5 seconds. Flavors: pineapple (yes, I’ve had pineapple wine), lime, citrus-tart, ripe peach.

Alcohol: 13.2%. Pure varietal. Bottled: June, 2007. pH 3.46. Total acids: 0.51g/100mL. Residual sugar: 0.3%. 3000 cases. No new oak. WE-rated 90. Pressed cork. Columbia Valley AVA. Rated: 82. Value: $14. Paid: $12. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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