Januik Winery 2006 Cold Creek chardonnay

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on May 29, 2008:

Cheers to Harvey Korman. He provided the humor in my upbringing while on “The Carol Burnett Show,” which btw was thee best variety show ever on color tv. “Captain and Tennille”, “Sonny and Cher”, and “Donny and Marie” were admirable, but that lame “Jessica and Nick” thing a couple years back was pathetic. Yes, you can laugh at “Hogan’s Heroes”, “Gomer Pyle USMC”, and “Gilligan’s Island” but ya gotta admit, those really were the golden days of television never to be seen again. Anyone remember how Carol always ended her shows?? (quiz)
So here’s my leadoff wine from my Sunday ‘boy meets grill’ deal. I was asked awhile back if I had tried this to compare to my gold standard at the time, Buty’s Conner Lee Vineyard. Well, I must say this was one excellent dealer. Januik’s been using Cold Creek since 1990 so he knows, from his CSM experience, where the studly spots are for each varietal. Cold Creek is not your “public” vineyard. It’s the jewel in CSM’s real estate holdings and this chard marks the 31st harvest from 2006. CSM produces many of its single vineyard and reserves using Cold Creek grapes–the really good stuff from WA’s most prolific winery. Super grapes in the hands of a skilled oenologist result in a masterpiece like this…yet, Mike is better known for his artistry with merlot. It just tells me, it all starts in the vineyard. I’ve tried CSM’s Cold Creek chard and it was ok for a $20 wine, but this one just stands out a little more.
Went bold and strong when I needed it to stand up to lighting the coals after hauling the grill to the patio. Great match to lounging on the steps while I hear the snap and crackle of the Rutherford coals turning white. Of course, I did add a few slices of Beecher’s Flagship cheese and all I can say is, there’s no better appetizer combination. The cheese released more creamy flavors while the wine added a new dimension in a “cheese as fruit” flavor. It’s no coincidence the tasting bar at Januik/Novelty Hill serves this exact cheese with their wines. Try it, I dare ya!
Alcohol: 13.5%. pH 3.48. Pure varietal. Total acidity: 0.61g/100mL. 579 cases.  Bottled: 8-30-07. Columbia Valley AVA.
Nose: butter cream. Color: platinum. Mouthfeel: silk stealth. Tail trail: 5 seconds with a strong burst up the middle and a long, low residual. Flavors: first-of-the-season Bartlett pear, lemon cream, and good earth.
Rated: 91. Value: $32. Paid: $30. Quiz answer: she always asked her guests to sign her autograph book. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.
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