Kana Winery 2005 Katie May white wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 14, 2008:

That crash you heard is Wall Street being hit by hurricane bad-mortgage. Merrill Lynch just got sold for a penny to BoA and Lehman Brothers is next. Another Sunday business news day as a sample of a 6-day work week. I need to get me a ‘Buddy’ dog that can dial 911 so that I get a free ride home after passing out at the winery. Now I know why my tap water-drinking buddy is growing boobs after reading about drugs being dumped into the toilet. I’m not inviting J-Lo to be a tasting judge after she dissed Heidi’s ‘Project Runway’ so she could “compete” at a triathlon. And that conservative pundit Lindsay Lohan calling out Palin as a ‘homophobe’…oh well, celebrities should never be mistaken for adults. Obviously, a fastidious Cali wine drinker.

Kana, meaning the spirit/fire within a mountain, is a reference to the volcanic soils that litter the CV terroir. While I have yet to see a CV wine described as “volcanic” or “essence of lava”, this can apply to a few winemakers in the area at crush. This winery’s first vintage was from 2002 so they got on board just in time for the string of great vintages that solidifed WA on the world wine map. Located in the Larson Building (think PacMed on Beacon Hill) in sun-drenched downtown Yakima (beware of road-crossing tumbleweeds), consider this lineup to occupy the esoteric “boutique value” range, with each offering produced in the 400-620 case range. The website could be a little bit more informative in terms of who actually is running the place.

Tonight’s deal-a-meal was spaghetti with turkey meatballs in Ragu sauce and buttered mixed veggies. Now, I know I should have opened a red for this, but then you’d think I was educated (ha! you fool!)…and that just goes against my mantra. Besides, it was a hot day out there. So, while I admit I tried and hit a weak groundout to first, I did find a good pairing with the veggies and the weather. This would be a great sipper with slices of Monterey Jack on the porch. Easy in, easy down.

Nose: pear, white flowers, green apple. Color: straw. Mouthfeel: sloe, relaxed. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: Bartlett pear, Granny Smith, tint of lemon citrus.

Alcohol: 12.9%. 616 cases. Pinot gris 48%, pinot blanc 33%, riesling 19%. Vineyards: Naches Heights, Les Vignes de Marcoux, and Muncey Park. Columbia Valley AVA. Rated: 72. Value: $9. Paid: $15. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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