Lone Canary Winery 2004 merlot

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on June 4, 2008:

So why is resveratrol so good for the body? It’s all about exciting your sirtuins, baby! And if you’re a mouse, you just found the fountain of youth. Sirtuins, in addition to a famine-like diet, can extend a rodent’s life by up to 30%…that’s what?…half a year? Woo-hoo. That’s not the last laugh…a big drug company paid $720 million to buy a company that specializes in developing drugs with the same effects as resveratrol. Of course, getting that daily amount from 35 bottles of wine, every day, might be a slight challenge to us mammal folks. If the M’s had 30% more runs, they would have won today. And lady Hillary could have used 30% more delegates instead of conceding on Friday. Maybe even the Haq jury could have used 30% more common sense and made a decision. Just be glad you don’t have a daughter attending a North Seattle elementary school, you weren’t stopped by a King County sheriff high on crack and alcohol in White Center, your child did not attend school in Sichuan Province or Irrawaddy Delta, you are not a gang member in Snohomish County (they have those up there?), you don’t work for UAL, and you don’t have to worry about being evicted from a long-term care facility…yet. But, I digress.
I picked this bottle up from Central on a whim. A simple low-priced looking label that went for $20. But, if you know me from my reviews, you know that it was one of the cheaper ones in my cart. So, with no expectations, I threw this one to the Hamburger Helper wolves tonight and I think it was a good match. The synthetic cork undercolor looked promising (mahogany red), matched by its color in the glass. Then, it got funky in the mouth and let loose some rather interesting flavors. Letting on, as I swogged the last remnants, I nearly choked on the chunks. This, from a first pour. I did the unusual…I regurg’d back into the glass then slowly re-swallowed, being a little more careful not to digest the stems. Quite an experience.
Alcohol: 13% (head is spinning so it seems stronger). Vineyards: 51% Willard Family (Yakima), 37% Milbrandt Sundance (Wahluke), 12% DuBrul (Yakima). pH 3.52. Acidity: 0.62. No fining (really?!). Aged 18 months in Allier and Nevers oak. Merlot 89%, cab franc 7%, and cab sau 4%. 594 cases. Harvested 9/29 to 10/14, 2004. Bottled 7/24/2006. Rated 90 WS, “excellent” Wine Press NW, Bronze Medal at Dallas Wine Competition (3/2008). Oenologist: Mike Scott (ex-Caterina Winery). Located in Spokane. First vintage in 2003. Red winery with sau blanc thrown in. Clooney is the name of the logo bird…American goldfinch (WA state bird). Total winery production around 3500 cases/year.
Nose: plum and blackberry. Color: deep mahogany. Mouthfeel: weak grape syrup.Tail trail: 4 seconds, chameleon absent but there was an inconsistent burst at 2 seconds, likely from the alcohol. Flavors: cherries, plums and…strawberry roll-ups.
Value: $20. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.
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