Mark Ryan Winery 2004 Dead Horse red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on November 23, 2008:

A $30 men’s bra is the hot seller on a Japanese website. A men’s bra. What am I missing here? What’s next…a women’s jock strap? On a sad note, Amsterdam will be shutting down 20% of its cannabis houses due to their proximity to schools. I don’t get it since most of them peeps ride bikes around the city, so what’s a few hundred yards to get stoned? The next time you’re climbing Mt. Everest, make sure you have a plastic bucket to haul your, um, personal waste. Those little Fido baggies and writing your name in the snow will no longer be chic. And lastly, I was in Arkansas enjoying my Big Extra meal on the road when my spouse forgot her cellphone at McDonald’s. It only contained butt-nekkid pictures of me, which somehow ended up on the web. You’ll know it’s me since there’s a tattoo of a meat grinder in a strategic location.

Ohhh, that was so wrong. To make it sooo right, I offer you another tantalizing bottle from the venerable Mark McNeilly, aka Mark Ryan. He had a special ‘library sale’ over the weekend, so as a no-brainer, I dropped by and scooped up some of this vintage since it appears to be the highest-rated of all his vintages. That guy sure can throw a party with free tastings and loads of cheese and deli meats. For you newbie readers, this winery is located in the funzone of the Woodinville North amusement park, as I call it, along with co-conspirators: Guardian Cellars, Gorman Winery and Giant Wine Company. Mark plays an intimate role in all of these wineries, so buyer beware as these wines are big and unctuous. I blew out my senses from cold medicine long ago so I’m into elegant bombs that can stand unassisted. Plus, it helps to follow a crowd.

I treated this big boy to not one, but two dinners because I could. Last night was grilled corn, hot dogs and tri tip. No questions on that one. Smoky meats and Mark Ryan go like pinot noir and Thanksgiving. Forget ‘Nutcracker’ as it was more like ‘Meatcracker’ rumbling through my senses. Yes, it’s nice to have ‘Dance of the black plum fairies’ every now and then. My simple, uneducated rule: strong food, strong wine. Notice I didn’t say red meat. Going on that, my second dinner was pork cutlet on rice topped with standard curry and a side of Korean-spiced vegetables. Lots going on here but the simple guess would be a pairing with a gewurz or chardonnay. No no no. Think outside the stuffy box. Strong food (curry, spice), strong wine. No ‘Meatcracker’ here but still the better choice that held up very well without disrupting the flow of eating. A pleasant discovery.

For you ‘Amazing Race’-rs, my choice of Nick & Starr to win it all need to plan better. And that Dan guy…my gawd, what a dancer (not a compliment).

Color: deep purple with ruby at the edges. Mouthfeel: full throttle on the Autobahn. Tail trail: 7 seconds (explosion at 3 seconds). Flavors: black fruits, Bing cherry, passing on to pencil lead and spice.

Alcohol: 14.4%. Less than 1000 cases (guess). Cab sau 56%, merlot 19%, cab franc 17%, and petit verdot 8%. The best year for Mark’s most recognized blend. 94 WE. Nose: big dark plums, blackberries, paint thinner (compliment). Rated: 95. Value: $60. Paid: $55. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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