Matthews Cellars 2006 Stillwater Creek Vineyard sauvignon blanc

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on March 25, 2008:

I’m getting better at pairing food with wine…I’m so uneducated sometimes.
Matthew Loso…I’ve read many reviews so I couldn’t pass up a visit after driving by the winery one wintry Sunday. If it wasn’t for the sandwich board off the two-lane road, I would’ve never known that shack-looking building was a winery. Same went for Betz…the winery is a little up the hill from the roadside and no signs whatsoever. What is it about Woodinville’s winemakers?…”I make wine but I don’t want to tell you.” Did we not take Marketing 101 or what?? Shall I introduce you to Mister Ackerley?? Thankfully, plenty of parking, albeit unpaved. The tasting room adjoins the winery and it is quite a cozy little area. His wines lean from the shelves and he has some cool maps on one wall, especially the one that intimately dissects the Red Mountain AVA. That’s hot! So, it was $10 for 3 pours and refundable on purchase. Well, it didn’t matter since I asked to purchase his egg-fined sau blanc and I got this instead, a $10 difference. No matter. I’ll get more in depth about the history of Matthews Cellars…Estate…whatever, in my next review of his Claret.
On the ‘fresh list’ tonight was baked chicken and rice and a simple green salad. Now, this was a good pairing even before it got paired. Before eating, I took a swig…oops, I mean a sip, for all you fu-fu peeps and oooooo, I could taste peaches galore followed by a little grapefruit tang and, how else can I say it…minerality.
Complemented the meal overall and one of those rare encounters I have where the wine and food are solid “pairings”. Pretty darn skippy.
Alcohol: 14.3%. Nose: moderate bouquet of citrus. Mouthfeel: solid with a little bit of zest. Tail trail: 4 seconds. His first white to be fermented in concrete ‘eggs’. Concrete time: 7 months. Fining: bentonite clay. Total cases: 145.
Value: $25. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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