Mercer Estates 2007 pinot gris

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on May 9, 2008:

Alkaline hydrolysis, a new 3rd option in death. For all you greenies out there, here’s where you can prove yourself pro-environmental by passing on cremation and taking the acid plunge. Gives new meaning to ‘getting flushed.’
Speaking of acid plunge…I introduce to you this wine from a collaboration with the Mercer and Hogue families. I wonder if this is the same family (Mercer) that is named after the dorm I resided in for 3 formative learning years at the local college. What the physiology class couldn’t teach me, I learned at the dorm! Ha! But, I digress.
What can I tell ya about this Horse Heaven Hills winery other than it will be yet another red-predominant winery. Their merlot seems to be the signature offering (91 WS) so, again I end up picking the weakest link in their 86 WS pinot gris. Let’s take a look…
Tonight’s tandem was a slice of bone-in ham with soft marrow. The ham was dandy, but the marrow ‘jello’ was divine. The ooziness compared to halibut cheek and the taste was concentrated with delicious juices. Drinking the gris after opening, the first taste was quite powerful with a mouth-dissolving essence akin to a first sip of Coke-on-tap. What followed was a nice bouquet of peach blossoms and green melon. After an hour, that initial ‘zap’ disappeared, so I was left with a fine, fruity offering. Nice match with the ham. Pops didn’t like it so I figured this is not a ‘dating’ wine (he tends to like girly wines). I just noticed that this area is for ‘tasting notes’ so I’ll taper back on my editorializing so you can just get to the ‘meaty’ details of the wine’s autopsy.
Alcohol: 13.0%. 3733 cases. Oenologoist: David Forsyth. Founded 2006. Vineyards: Brooks, Wallula, and Burgess. All first crops. Total acidity: 0.77g/100ml. pH 3.33. Residual sugar: 0.59%. Columbia Valley AVA.
Nose: peachy. Color: a fascinating tinge of red from an angle in an otherwise light gold setting. Mouthfeel: medium brood. Tail trail: 3 seconds. Flavors tend to congregate on the tart side. Stelvin cap.
Value: $14. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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