Mildiani Family Winery 2005 Saperavi (Republic of Georgia)

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on August 28, 2008:

Hikers beware…Cascade’s Revenge is in full bloom. My favorite local hike is Mt. Si and I’ve been to the very top of the Haystack so I know how dangerous it is. Don’t. Do. It. What is it about South Seattle and having bodies dumped from moving cars? Is it the new south Chicago? South Bronx? South LA? Wait a minute…south LA, isn’t that called Tijuana? And no, my blog is not on that federal list of “needs improvement”, thank you.

After auditing the Greguttster a few bottles ago, I turn the spears (not Britney) to the P-I’s reviewer, Richard Kinssies, for this week’s pick. Seems Georgian wines are the “in-thing” here in Seattle, all thanks to a little misunderstanding back in the motherland. So thankfully for all you insightful winechatr readers, I had this bottle in my cheapo cellar that was assigned to a 50-year meditation, but now called to duty to see if this P-I reviewer is a “King Kinssies” or just a-nother “Kenickie”.

Tonight’s grub included appetizers of Kraft Singles, Beecher’s Original Crackers, and Cheerios Snack Mix (Cheddar) before diving into homemade uber-crispy fried chicken. Might I say that cheese, both artificial and real, blends very well with this red grape.

Saperavi means ‘paint’ or ‘dye’ as the inside of the grape is a dark pink. Mildiani is a relatively new winery, established in the early 90’s. We can thank the Russian embargo, Keith Johnsen (Exclusive Brand Imports), and Erez Klein (Whole Foods), well and also the US Agency for International Development for contributing to bringing these wines to the USA, specifically Seattle. Just think, I’m drinking wine that Vladimir or Fedor would have been enjoying with their piroshki and grape leaves for dinner. Yeah, they’re probably thinking I’m full of Bolshevik, too.

Nose: dark plum, blackberries. Color: similar to good pinot noir. Mouthfeel: fluffy, airy. Tail trail: 3 seconds. Flavors: plum, cassis, raspberry, Schilling black pepper.

Alcohol: 13%. Green bottle with a decent punt. Numbered cork (pressed). Rated: 80. Value: $10. Paid: $9. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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