Mildiani Family Winery 2006 Katsiteli white wine

Another early, delirious WAwineman classic, 1st posted on August 14, 2008:

Just back from Peking in winning the gold medal in the exhibitionist sport of synchronized wine blogging. I’d like to thank my handlers, er, trainers and coaches for their minimal support. I’ll be touring with the Champions on Ice folks later this summer. The tour was headed for France tonight but I forgot to pack my Riedel Oregon pinot noir glasses for the flight so I made the pilot return to Sea-Tac. It’s no surprise Nordie’s posted a drop in profits as I passed on this year’s Anniversary Sale. There goes my Level 2 status. And that wasn’t me dumping SBUX stock today. Think what you want but nobody makes a frappe like they do, and I’m not talking about the bottled version.

Okay, so tonight’s review is a challenge to that Seattle Times report yesterday by the honorable Gregutt-ster. Any self-aggrandizing wonk worth her weight in grapeskins reads this man’s article religiously every Wednesday. However, after a few scans, it makes a reader wonder whether he’s on LSD or licking frogs or whatever when he describes the flavors of the wines. I’ve scooped him a couple times and he just scribes some ‘where the *#@! did you get that from?’ that makes me think of working for the county roads department. So, I trotted over to the Whole Foods market (my first venture) over on Denny and checked out their decent wine dept. As a side note, holy cow…Whole Foods has a great selection of brands not found at QFC but the prices make it more suitable to an airport enclave. This wine was the exception, being two bucks off the regular price. I won’t bother you faithful winechatr readers with the details since you can check it out at the Times’ website. I will say that this wine is fully deserving of the “Pick of the Week” award. And, in my limited library of wine tastings, I conclude that this is similar to a Puget Sound AVA madeline angevine, with smoother tones and balance.

Tonight’s dance with a star included good ol’ KFC 9-piece dinner, “crispy please”. Oh yeah, this wine chimed in beautifully with that consistent mashed potatoes slopped with creamy gravy next to a slab of milky, crunchy slaw. The steaming hot and plump chicken meat paired tutti-fruitti with the subtle flavors of the katsiteli grape. I was in shock and awe that a wine fermented in the ground could symphonize so well at the price of a Hamilton. Under repechage, I challenged with Kraft Singles, Beecher’s Flagship, Cheetos, and Liliha St. boiled peanuts. All passed with airborne colors. Okay Paulo, I agree this time with your “best white-wine value I’ve seen all year.” Just keepin’ ya honest, buddy.

Color: straw. Nose: floral, pear blossom. Mouthfeel: a cure for a 90 degree day. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: diluted strawberry, pears, white peach, pinch of vanilla.

Alcohol: 13.8%. From a region with a history of 7000 years of production. 80% rkatsiteli, 20% mtsvane (swanee). Equal to Tsinandali (blend name). Rated: 80. Value: $15. Paid: $9. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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