Novelty Hill Winery 2005 Stillwater Creek Vineyard sauvignon blanc

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on April 30, 2008:

“The hills are alive”…withthetaste of NoveltyHillsauvignonblanc…specificallyStillwaterCreekVine…yard. Okay, so I’m no Julie Andrews but I’m trying. And in my own wine-spirited world…I yam what I yam. Weather’s finally warming up and after having a decent bowl of pho in downtown, I’m ready for some lip-smacking white juice to celebrate the end of the wackiest April on record.
Novelty Hill…aka Januik’s twin has been in existence since 2000 and has its own estate vineyard within the superb Stillwater Creek someday-AVA. Mike Januik-made wines are just plain stellar and a good value to boot. You gotta visit their tasting room located behind the now former Columbia Winery hut. It’s been getting a lot of press recently, so the secret’s out. Guess I’ll have to stand in line to get to the bar, but it’s still worth the trip. Hey, Mister WineChatr-man, hint-hint, it’s a good place for a gathering when you hit 250 connections. Just don’t hold it on DeLille Cellar’s ‘Spring Barrel Tasting’ day. Dude!
So, with all the hub-bub, tonight’s entree-du-jour was mochiko chicken. Mochiko is a Japanese-made flour that’s just a little different than your usual. After frying, the chicken is doused in a soy sauce marinade and plated. We’re talking wings here…not whole or half-chickens. Anyway, you have the savoriness along with the crunch of the breading and then the chicken. Omigod, I’m salivating… Anywho, I must say, this was a super match. Would have been ideal with tomorrow night’s pairing of miso butterfish, I gather. But, I’ll save that for the next review. And, you’ll want to read it…hear that Mister Sponsor?! You’ll see. But, I digress.
2005 was a great all-around year and I’m drinking it all up as much as I can. The 2006 version is likely available at the winery so go get some!
Alcohol: 13.5%. 1189 cases. pH 3.12. Sauvignon blanc 87%, semillon 13%. Columbia Valley AVA.
Nose: deep aromatics at work. Color: 10k gold. Mouthfeel: liquid gold. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors aplenty: green melon, heavy cream, and a bold lemony finish. Outstanding, folks.
Value: $25. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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