RiverAerie Wines 2006 barbera

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on July 11, 2008:

Facing foreclosure yet? C’mon now!, it’s the trendy thing, ya know. My blubber stomach is facing foreclosure, thanks to aerobics melting away the 70+ bottles I gulped so far this year…all to give you winechatr readers a most unsophisticated insight into WA wines from a regular bloke. Gotta feel for North Dakotans…they’re losing 16% of their Starbucks stores (that’s one store, Mister Sensationalist…). Brett Favre apparently doesn’t like golfing in San Diego for the rest of his life, unlike Chris Chandler. My financial portfolio is up 6%…since April, 2006…still better than what I can get from my bank savings account, but that’s about it. And what is wrong with this world is…there was a lingerie exhibition last night at a nightclub…open to 16+ years old participants. So wrong…

RiverAerie…basically a cavity where Prairie Falcons nest, combined with a river that, I assume caused the cavity in the first place. The WA definition is: the farm of the Bunnell Family. Head vino, Ron Bunnell, took his 26 years in the industry and went his own way in 2005, saying adios to Col Solare. He also vinified at CSM as the head red guy, and at several big name Cali wineries. He runs both Bunnell Family Cellars and RiverAerie wineries and has an extensive lineup of grapes, with syrahs being his Acura in the lineup. So, I ended up buying the Richie Sexson of the group…a little known grape here that is big in other parts of the world (think Italy). So, it made sense that when I sunk my chops into a Fruschetta thin crust supreme pizza ( frozen, from the supermarket), this was the choice. And a good choice, indeed. Italian grapes go with Italian food…even if the grapes were grown here and the pizza originally came from an environment equivalent to my old pickup lines. Tuh-duh…chhhhhh! . . .anywayz, good match. I’m no barbera expert so I can only tell you if this was a good deal for the money. Hey…it was a good deal for the money. Strange how the wine seamlessly blended in with the tomato-y paste, the bits of mozzarella, and the micro-crust. Wines and tomatoes…we may have something here. So, barbera goes best with which one: Roma, beefsteak, Moneymaker, Nebraska Wedding, or Mr. Stripey? I kid you not.

Nose: black currant and black cherry. Color: deep garnet (a healthy deep, dark red). Mouthfeel: lighter side of thick and meaty. Tail trail: 4 seconds. Flavors: ripe Bing cherries, blackberries, and a streak of dark plum.

Alcohol: 14.3%. Simple, but eye-catching label design of like a red-splotch that kind of oozed down the bottle. Normally, a blending grape. Columbia Valley AVA. Rated: 85. Value: $17. Paid: $17. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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