Ross Andrew Winery 2005 red table wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on October 10, 2008:

Gawd, I love Oregonians…a Coos Bay man was cited for DUI…on a tricycle! Let me guess, it wasn’t the pinot noir from Archery Summit. Oh Sarah, drinking too much Alaskan wines led to her ‘abuse of power’ charges. She’s the ‘Fatal Attraction’ Repub that makes Glenn Close look like Julia Child. And congrats to the WAwineman for winning the Noble Prize on his thesis of “Drinking WA wine makes you smart.” The initial draft substituted the “sm” part of smart with an “f”, but as the most electrifying blogger in wine entertainment today, the final draft won over the voters unanimously. Anywayz…

Here, here, finally…my 100th review. And, it was a surprise up to the very moment I uncorked it. I was about to tear open a very investable bottle from Woodward Canyon when I had a change of heart (and appetite). 100 bottles of wine on the shelf, gone…ee-gads. What’s more amazing is I’ve only gained 5 pounds since the start of the year. My cheapo wine cellar now holds over 100 more bottles, so it ain’t over yet, folks. And to let ya know, I’ve averaged over 4 glasses for each bottle I’ve reviewed. Why, the Riedel was still loaded while I typed most of my reviews. I’m still no expert on wines and I still haven’t received any better offers than my million dollar Nyke shoe contract for being a wine blogger. But, I can say that WA wines are phreakin’ delicious and one heck of a value in this Great Depression III climate. We may be eating Costco hot dogs for dinner but at least we drink world-class wines with it, and grown in our radon-laced backyard.

Tonight’s convenience meal was Ixtapa’s “no name” appetizer. I kid you not. Well, it looked like cheese-glazed pollo burrito and it was el-phreakin’ good by itself. This wine paired very well, amazingly, because (1) the food flavors were strong, and (2) the wine was light on tannins. For dessert, Godiva’s Platinum Collection chocolates. Razabelle and Coeur were delicioso matches. This is a great chocolate-pairing wine.

Oh yes, let’s discuss Ross Andrew, shall we? A ’97 Husky grad from the Eastside (forgive him), Ross Mickel (what is it about winery owners not publicizing their last names?? ala Mark Ryan McNeilly) traveled the wine world before settling in as assistant winemaker at Betz (no small feat) and designed winemaking equipment as a hobby. Surprisingly, you can find his tasting room/winery in Woodinville North near Chatter Creek Winery, away from the amusement park.

Color: solid deep red. Mouthfeel: approachable welterweight. Tail trail: 6 seconds. Flavors: blackberries, huckleberry, smoky oak, fine earth, and wood cigar box.

Columbia Valley AVA. Alcohol: 13.8%. Cab sau 55%, merlot 45%. 89 RP. Nose: intoxicating blackberries without the burn, raspberries. Rated: 90. Value: $30. Paid: $32. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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