Salmon Harbor Wine Cellars 2006 chardonnay

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 18, 2008:

No, I was not one of the 68 chosen artists by the State Arts Commission despite my cute wine-bottle-beanie and matching tempranillo-grape-earrings. At least I didn’t pull a Tully’s and roast $14 million away, then sell to a Vermont beaner. Can’t wait to watch Survivor: Gabon in HD…dry skin and bony ribs will match great with Two-Buck Chuck. With all the losses going on–$3.2 billion State budget shortfall, KOMO news anchor leaving for surgery, WaMu, M’s, and no jobs, there is a glimmer of hope. Amazing Race restarts in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to boo the blondes and find out which wine pairs well with watching these drama couples as they trot across the globe. I still think Flo and Zach were the best, partly cuz the finish line was at Gasworks Park.

After another arduous workout (I just love getting punched in the chest), my boys and I opened up this impulse buy off the supermarket aisle. Never heard of this company, have you? A check of their website has a link to…uh, R.H. Phillips of Cali. A Cali wine in dusguise? Sac-reh blerrrr. Well, I opened it anyway, and matched this to a dinner of crispy fried chicken doused in soy sauce-marinade. Sorry to say, but this wine should have never left the appetizer plate. No detection of oak, but also no detection of any premium quality fruit either. Would go fine with Chicken in a Biscuit or Ritz crackers, but that’s about it.

Nose: early-harvest apple, diluted cologne. Color: light straw. Mouthfeel: feather-light. Tail trail: 2 seconds. Flavors: pear, green apple.

Alcohol: 13.6%. Vague, dysfunctional website. Yes, yes, WA is on the same latitude as those French wine regions, but so is Ulan Bator, Bismarck, and Helena. Stelvin cap. Fine bubbles. Columbia Valley AVA. Rated: 68. Value: $7. Paid: $9. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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