Tamarack Cellars 2005 Firehouse Red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on February 26, 2008:

Sitting on my surfboard, I could see the dinner wave approaching…hauntingly dark, almost charred but glistening with a surly coating of fat. I sat there, contemplating my next move. Hmmm. Quick! I rescued this baby from the grips of my cheapo cellar to pair up with indoor-grilled kalbi (Korean-style marinated short ribs). In the glass, a dark red. In the mouth, a soft dance before a quick disappearance. With seven grapes in the blend, I couldn’t taste anything definitive other than…it’s a red blend. No burn. Tail of less than 2 seconds. All I can ask is…what happened? Oh bother. The ribs were the main attraction.
A second taste the following night, this time with Albertson’s baked chicken and spicy daikon and takuwan. This time, the wine won out. No great matches here, but the wine seemed to open up and showed a little more red fruit.
Tamarack, which is a short-needled larch in the natural world, is based in an old WW2 fire station and barracks at the Walla Walla airport. Founded in 1998 by Ron and Jamie Coleman, it is the 14th winery in the city, which is now home to over 70 wineries.
Alcohol: 13.88%. 31% cab, 30% syrah, 24% merlot, 11% cab franc, 2% sangiovese, 1% carmenere, and 1% malbec. French, USA, and Hungarian barrels, aged 16 months. Value: $15. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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