Tefft Cellars 2006 Rosey Outlook blush wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on May 7, 2008:

Okay, I find this disturbing…getting killed by a train while talking on a cellphone and walking on train tracks. Wtf? Happened twice in the last month in the Kent-Auburn area. What am I missing here? I can understand if the dude and dudette was enjoying a glass of Woodward Canyon or single-berry CSM…but…I just don’t get it. Only in the Northwest, mon.
So, another ode to my pops and his anti-red angst rebellion. I’m delaying my May-is-for-merlot lovers fest while he is babysitting my mansion. And he got the nerve to consider ‘kidnapping’ my last bottle of Substance ‘Me’ (merlot). So, tonight, instead of another p. grigio or V.O., I pull out the blush. I had to finish up the DVC and Januik merlots with my dinner of salmon burgers and I knew I would kinda regret it when I should have matched the salmon with this roh-zehhh.
Tefft Cellars…located in that roadhouse of a town called Outlook. Betcha didn’t know WA had a ‘city’ called Outlook? Located about 10 minutes southeast on I-82 (the Yakima Valley AVA wine highway),  and past the glut of wineries in Zillah, this little enclave at the southern tip of the Rattlesnake Hills AVA (established 2006, 20 wineries, 1500 vino acres) is home to this winery founded in 1991 by Joel Tefft. Unusual surname…found out it’s of English origin (the country, you cool jerk). One thing I’ll admit is this guy is a typical WA oenologist…opening a winery back in 1991 was his dream. This was way before QC’s back-to-back 100 point scores…way back to even when Januik the person was getting started making wines at CSM. And to do this in way-out-there Outlook, I give this man credit and his wife even more for homesteading his winery in that sprawling bedroom community of…Outlook. Hey, not hating, just in admiration, if anything. But, I digress.
This is some interesting wine taste. I’ve never had pure cab franc before so to have its roh-zehh clone is all new to me. I do love the color of this vintage. It’s a type of illuminating-kind of mid-dark pink. Very attractive and clean. A very light nose of pea flower. In the mouth, a watermelony slick with a slight sweetness. A tail trail of 3 seconds and some strength in the middle. The taste of…I can only say it is distinct…watermelon, hint of strawberries and peach, and maybe a peek of early-season Rainier cherry. Don’t hold me to that…remember my motto. Definitely different. I would call you brave (read: odd) if you drank this solo as I think this deserves a pairing with something…salmon burger, light cheese, water crackers, celery sticks…something to help complement its rather unique taste. And just as a postscript…I did drink this solo, two glasses. Thank you.
Alcohol: 12.5%. Rattlesnake Hills AVA. Synthetic cork. Cozy and quaint looking winery, like Whidbey Island Winery. And includes a ‘villa’. Limited availability as it is still a small winery. Joel’s emphasis is on reds, with a token chard, and made Italian-style. “The perfect spa wine.” Hmmm, think I’ll sneak a bottle on my next cruise with an ‘Aroma Stone Therapy’ massage and a frangipani wrap. Cabernet franc.
Value: $9. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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