The Magnificent Wine Company 2006 pinot noir

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on August 4, 2008:

Who moved my scooter??? Pal, it’ll cost ya 38 buckaroos if the old-boys’ club Sea Pol catches your grimy hands on my Pee Wee-red scoo-tehr. The last thug who pushed it out of a prime parking spot had his foot ‘disarticulated’ and recently discovered in Port Angeles. That darn lady Guv ordered state agencies to cut gas by 5%…guess that’s a couple fewer trips to Chipotle for my bean burrito. With that vacant stomach space, then I get to drink a little more WA wine!

Segway into tonight’s special edition…whoa! pinot noir from WA? Wahhhh? Yes, WA. A glorious splat of gratitude to Chuck Smith, the Led Zep of WAwine, for bringing WA pinot noir to the masses. Like the legend says, “smells like pinot…taste like pinot…this must be pinot.” Give that man a doctorate in Einsteinian logic. Well, to be honest, this edition ain’t gonna make the folks south of the mighty Columbia shudder any, in terms of pure quality. But wait! At about the price of a Jackson, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Hmmm. Give me a doctorate, too. Let’s face it, Charley makes killer syrahs, not killer pinots, so cut the man a break. And WA has yet to find a boh-no region that spits out A-List quality pinot. That aside, at this price point, this is a tremendous opportunity to sample Northwest pinot noir.

Tonight’s doubleheader pairing started with fresh corn-on-the-cob (10 for $3) and juiced-up roasted chicken from the market. OMG! A simple dinner complemented by a simple-from-complex wine. Very nice trio. There’s something about local food and local wine, when combined, creates a harmony that words cannot fairly express. You know what I mean, Vern. Then, followed that up with my recent jailbreak world wine-blogging tour video of that next great stellar wine region…Anaheim. Hey, there’s Golden Vine Winery plopped right in the middle of Mouseville or whatever that amusement park is called. Yeah, so I partied with Katy Perry over at her penthouse suite at the Grand Cali. She prefers Cali wines so she kept singing ‘Ur so gay’ whenever I defended my WA wines, but she’s still cool. Then, when she was about to swig her glass of Screaming Eagle or something, I laid the smack down on her by spraying her mug with Quilceda Creek cab. Some embellishment going on? This was good wine, folks.

Nose: cherry and roses. Color: diluted red. Mouthfeel: fluffy, bantamweight. Tail trail: 4 seconds (no intensity). Flavors: Bing cherries, potpourri, hint of plum.

Alcohol: 13.5%. TA 0.53. pH 3.88. Columbia Valley AVA. Rated: 70. Value: $15. Paid: $19. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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