Thurston Wolfe Winery 2006 Doctor Wolfe’s Family Red wine

Another early WAwineman classic, 1st posted on March 4, 2008:

Answering the curry call after a long day at the moneymaker, I desired a spicy partner to couple with my grub. Pulled from my cheapo cellar, I grabbed the first bottle that contained any syrah and, lo and behold, it’s this fine-looking number. Talk about abstract art on the label…looks like Abe Lincoln keeled over hurling his cookies. To date, this is the funkiest blend I’ve tried yet from WA. And that includes the cork with ‘WOOF WOOF’ imprinted on the side. Imagine my surprise as I was uncorking this thing. Gotta love the humor from WA winemakers.
Funny thing though, this had no spice to match up with the curry. It was still good and was even better by itself while I nauseated myself watching ‘Bizarre Foods’ on the Travel Channel. Oh yummy, roasted bats, skinned snakes, frog sushi, and fried horseshoe crab, not to mention two beating hearts. Probably not a good match at the table, but the wine did keep me settled. A non-traditional red blend, but a good one.
Founded in 1987 by Wade Wolfe (no, not the fraud investment dude…he’s a real Ph.D. from UC-Davis). Worked at CSM as a technical viticulturalist back in the late 70s. The ‘Thurston’ part came from his mother’s maiden name versus using his wife’s surname…Yeaman. Imagine, Yeaman Wolfe. I don’t mind, but from a marketing perspective…kinda iffy, if ya know what I mean, Vern. Moved the winery from downtown Yakima to football-town Prosser. Quite the vino disobedient…making black muscat, ports, and a late harvest sau blanc as initial offerings before moving to lemberger, grenache, zinfandel, sangiovese and petite sirah. A white blend (sport variety) of pinot gris and viognier? Dude, you are way before your time.
Alcohol: 15.0% (surprising because I felt more drunk after the same amount of Andrew Will). 39% syrah (Burgess Vineyard near the Tri-Cities), 20% primitivo, 19% lemberger, 12% petite sirah, and 10% zinfandel (Zephyr Ridge in Horse Heaven Hills).
Aroma: mild, red fruits. Color: purple-tinged red. Mouthfeel: liquidy but moderate in initial taste sensation. Tail trail: a surprising 4-5 seconds with mild uplift, but limited to red fruits like cherry (no pain grille here, whatever that is).
Value: $17. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.
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