Zefina Winery 2006 Serience White wine

Another WAwineman classic, 1st posted on September 4, 2009:

I was unlucky enough to witness a “Caddyshack” moment when the local city pool had to be cleared so a lifeguard could scoop up a TOOTY that some lame kid gave birth to. And how was your day? Tiffany’s new store in the U Village has glass entrance doors to emote a “more casual entry”. Kinda like a velvet glove vacuuming your wallet. There’s a cougar sighting in Magnolia Park, prompting the third ever closure of the city’s largest park. Me thinks that coug is just trying to avoid catching the swine flu that’s going around campus. The UW football coach is “anxious, excited” to get a Saturday smackdown from a real football team. And if you live in Snohomish County, you can find all your county tax dollars invested in the new Lynnwood High School. I took a glamorous tour today of what really is a “mall” that is loaded with bling. For example, three practice fields lined with Field Turf with benches for an audience of…100. They don’t have a lotta faith in the sports programs, unlike Bellevue.

Hey, what’s this? Well, I haven’t tried any wines that start with ‘Z’ so I had to get this one. No marketing strategy to applaud other than the name of the winery itself. Zefina began in 1997 in Prosser, with grapes from its estate vineyard. Corus Estates & Vineyards (WA, OR, ID) runs the big show, with Alder Ridge and Six Prong as Zefina’s sister wineries.

Winemaker Rob Chowanietz, a B.C. native, brings impressive creds after grinding through didactics at WSU and UC-Davis and working alongside John Abbott (Abeja) and as cellarmaster at Rick Small’s cult winery, Woodward Canyon. This northern Rhone blend is not a perennial so consistency should be a goal for this young winery. Expect Zefina (and Alder Ridge) to open a tasting room in Woodinville very soon, is the word from wine wizard Shona.

A great pairing with Japanese food such as hamachi sashimi (raw) and grilled hamachi cheek. Color: couldn’t tell in the low light. Nose: attenuated grapefruit, apricot. Mouthfeel: apple juice. Flavors: citrus, pear.

60% viognier, 40% roussanne. Horse Heaven Hills AVA. Alder Ridge Vineyard. Aged in 30% new French oak. 800 cases. Alcohol: 14.1%. pH 3.82. Total acids: 0.5. Released: April, 2008. Stelvin cap. Tail trail: 3 seconds. Rated: 87. Value: $12. Paid: $13. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated, but not uncouth.

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